Trainers and vocational school teachers visited Stürmer Maschinen

24.05.2017 14:06
Age: 299 days

Stürmer Maschinen in Hallstadt was among the companies visited during the 2017 trainers’ days at Kramp GmbH.

The 2017 trainers’ days were held at the Strullendorf based Kramp GmbH (a limited company) in cooperation with the "Handwerkskammer der Pfalz" (Chamber of craft from Palatinate) from 22nd to 24th May.

Well-known manufacturers showed new and already established products from the field of agriculture to about 80 trainers in the chamber of craft and vocational school teachers.


Stürmer Maschinen in Hallstadt was among the companies visited

After the introduction, a short presentation of the company and a tiny meal, our visitors could take a look around our show room that is about 2,000 m² in size with around 150 machines of all brands on display and ready for demonstration.


In about two hours, trainers and teachers gained insight into the following sectors of the different Stürmer brands:


  • Metallkraft: Bending and shearing, plate rolling, brake bending, metal band saws
  • Optimum: Drilling, lathing and conventional milling, CNC lathing and milling
  • Compressed air: Piston- and Screw-type compressors
  • Schweißkraft: MIG/MAG and TIG welding


Our guests showed lots of interest in Stürmer Maschinen and the company’s products and were pleased with the wide range shown to them.

We, too, had fun that evening and are looking forward to meeting our guests again.


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