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Scrubbing / Scrubber

Scrubber-driers for thorough floor cleaning. With our single disc and double roller machines as well as the combi scrubber dryers with brush or pad you will achieve sparkling results every time. Hand-held floor cleaning machines are ideal for cleaning medium-sized areas in supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. With ride-on scrubber dryers you can comfortably clean large areas, e.g. warehouses and production halls, shopping centres, multi-storey car parks and airports.


Single disc machine

ESM 432

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Ride-on Scrubber


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Ride-on Scrubber

ASSM 800

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Double rolling machine

DWM-K 620

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Ride-on Scrubber

ASSM 850

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Ride-on Scrubber

ASSM 750

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Ride-on Scrubber

ASSM 1000

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Ride-on Scrubber

ASSM 1300

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Ride-on Scrubber

ASSM 1002

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