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Precision drilling-milling machine

OPTImill MB 4

Universal precision drilling-milling machine with two-stage drive motor with manual transmission for optimum power transmission

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Art.-No. 3338450

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    • Heavy, solid cast execution
    • Two-stage quality industrial electric motor
    • Easy-to-use control panel with emergency stop impact switch
    • Tapping Function
    • Height-adjustable and large-dimensioned protective screen
    • Manual quill feed with fine feed
    • Smooth running due to polished gear wheels running in oil bath
    • depth stop
    • Large speed range of 95 - 3,200 rpm through 12 switchable speeds
    • Forward / reverse
    • Gear head ± 60 ° swiveling
    • Dovetailed column, hand scraped
    • Massive and large-dimensioned XY stage, precisely surface-finished with adjustable wedges
    • Adjustable wedges

    Operating mode "tapping mode"

    • Motor is activated by moving the quill lever down
    • When the set depth is reached, the direction of rotation of the spindle is reversed
    • The machine tap turns out of the workpiece again
    • When the quill is retracted completely to the switching point, the rotation of the spindle is stopped


    Dimensions and weights
    Length1100 mm
    Width/depth850 mm
    Height1150 mm
    Weight approx.320 kg
    Drilling/milling output
    Max. sensor head size 63 mm
    Max. shaft milling cutter size28 mm
    Drilling performance steel (S235JR)32 mm
    Continuous drilling performance steel (S235JR)28 mm
    Electric Data
    Supply voltage400 V
    Milling table horizontal
    Table length800 mm
    Table width240 mm
    Max. clearance vertical spindle - milling table460 mm
    T-groove size14 mm
    T-groove number3
    T-groove spacing63 mm
    Max. load bearing capacity80 kg
    Vertical spindle normal operation1.1 / 1.5 kW
    X axis manual450 mm
    Y axis manual195 mm
    Z axis manual430 mm
    Vertical spindle
    Reach275 mm
    Spindle chuckMT 4
    Speed range95 – 3200 min¯¹
    Number of gears2 x 6
    Tightening barM16
    Swivel range milling cutter head Z - X plane± 60 °
    Quill diameter75 mm
    Quill stroke120 mm
    • Morse cone MK 3
    • Adapter MK 3 - MK 4
    • Pulling rod M 16
    • operating tool


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