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  • Productimage for RLA 2001 P
  • Productimage for RLA 2001 P
  • Productimage for RLA 2001 P
  • Productimage for RLA 2001 P
  • Productimage for RLA 2001 P
  • Productimage for RLA 2001 P
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Pure air dust extractor

RLA 2001 P

Tested for economical and comfortable air purification

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Art.-No. 5132011

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    • For use in workshops with a simultaneity factor of 1-2 machines, from RLA 2501 2-3 machines (depending on the required volume flow) or as decentralized extraction to supplement an already existing stationary system
    • For universal use with various materials - also suitable for dry aluminum chips!
    • 100% air return without additional costs and construction costs
    • Ready to connect delivery
    • High suction power
    • Low costs for pipe components and assembly, especially when replacing old and no longer approved systems
    • Integrated pre-separation chamber to reduce the load and protect the filters
    • Compact dimensions, thus possibility of installing the devices on previously unused surfaces
    • Intake side can be ordered with orientation to the left or right, thus also use of workshop niches possible
    • Control expandable by "plug-in" technique
    • Optimal filter cleaning (also during operation)
    • For the installation in working rooms the regulations of the wood professional association GS-HO-07 are considered
    • From model RLA 2501 P with integrated, maintenance-free automatic extinguishing system tested to GS-HO-07 with pressure diaphragm, requires no compressed air and no direct water connection


    • Cleaning takes place by means of compressed air pulses, which clean the filter from the inside to the outside.
    • The resulting mechanical deformation of the filter optimizes the degree of regeneration during heavy soiling.


    Rated volume flow2262 m³/h
    Negative pressure for rated volume flow2174 Pa
    Max. volume flow3010 m³/h
    Filter surface area13.8 m²
    Chip collection volume2 x 165 l
    Residual dust content< 0.1 mg/m³
    Filter categoryM
    Filter cleaningpneumatic
    Number of containers2 St
    Extraction duct inlet outside nominal width200 mm
    Max. sound pressure level72 dB(A)
    Dimensions and weights
    Length2296 mm
    Width/depth830 mm
    Height2050 mm
    Weight approx.460 kg
    Electric Data
    Main motor3.0 kW
    Supply voltage400 V
    Mains frequency50 Hz

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