Quality is the step-by-step realisation of a goal: ours is customer satisfaction.

Increasing competition and the change from seller to buyer markets require consistent customer orientation in order to be successful as a company in the long term.

Our primary quality goal is therefore customer satisfaction. But quality is not a state, but a process that is never complete, because customer satisfaction and product quality are themselves subject to constant change. We have had this process certified to ensure that everything we have to offer our customers is always "state of the art".

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We continuously work on optimizing and further developing the processes of our quality management in order to fulfill the wishes and needs of our customers in the best possible way. In July 2021, our high quality standards and constant commitment to the highest possible customer satisfaction were recognized with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate. This means that our customers can now rely on a consistently reliable service, which we ensure through clearly defined procedures and processes.

In the future, we will continue to face the changing times and subject our quality management system to continuous audits and adapt it to new requirements accordingly. Because your customer satisfaction is our top priority, so that we can achieve long-term success together in partnership.

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       Evaluation basis for ISO 9001: 2015

  • Orientation towards customer requirements
  • Compliance with standards and guidelines
  • Knowledge management
  • Clearly defined process flows
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Sustainability, development and innovation
  • Risk management

Stürmer Maschinen was founded in 1982 as a machine wholesaler with factory representatives and and is one of today's leading suppliers of German machinery retailers. The group of companies currently employs approx. 280 people at its sites in Hallstadt and Pettstadt.

Our strategic objective is to meet the expectations of our customers, business partners and, of course, our employees at all times. Mutual trust forms the basis for long-term and successful cooperation.

The core element of this is to strengthen our customers and specialized trade partners and to act honestly and in partnership in accordance with our philosophy. We will continue to meet the challenges of the market and make all necessary investments to remain an efficient supplier for our partners in the future.

Continuously optimized quality management is therefore an integral part of our corporate philosophy and forms the basis of our long-term successful business activities and a long-term customer relationship.

We were certified in the areas of development, procurement, sales, logistics and service. These include the machine wholesaler Stürmer Maschinen GmbH, the retail business Stürmer Werkzeuge Maschinen KG, Optimum Maschinen Germany GmbH, the Stürmer logistics service provider SLD GmbH and the Stürmer Service Center SSC.

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, we guarantee our customers consistently reliable performance through clearly defined business processes. This ensures that not only the Stürmer Group itself, but also our trade customers can continue to grow dynamically and achieve lasting success.



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