Effective added value in the field of compressed air

Durable and first-class quality components and the best possible equipment is what you get when you buy an AIRCRAFT® Compressed Air Technology product. Exemplary features with innovation by tradition since 1992!

Piston compressors

Portable, mobile and stationary piston compressors. Our range...

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Screw compressors

Belt-driven and direct-driven screw compressors. Whether you are...

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Compressed air systems components

Tanks, compressors, motors, V-belts, pressure switches, safety...

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Compressed air treatment

Filtration, drying, water and oil separation. In order to avoid...

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Compressed air and energy distribution

Piping, maintenance blocks, reels and hoses. Our range in the field...

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Pneumatic Tools

Tools for compressed air systems. Whether impact wrenches, drills...

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Interesting facts about AIRCRAFT

We are the first manufacturer to supply our stationary compressors as well as the entire AIRPROFI series with hot-dip galvanized vessels. In addition to the statutory warranty AIRCRAFT provides a 15-year warranty against rusting through** for these tanks. Powder-coated tanks* come with a standard ten-year warranty against rust warranty against rusting through.
* With the exception of the compressors of the particularly favorable E-series.
** Does not apply to oil-free compressors
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