Our metalworking products

Drilling machines

High quality magnetic core and pipe drilling machines. ...

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Manual sheet metal shears, sheet metal shears manual, pneumatic and...

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Bending machines in manual, motorized and CNC-controlled design ...

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Hydraulic workshop presses with hand, foot or electric pump ...

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Clinking and punching machines

Notching and punching machines with fixed or variable angle, hydraulic...

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Edge deburring machines

Universal edge deburring equipment for industry and trade ...

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Roller conveyors, material stands and accessories

Accessories for your metal circular saw ...

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Metal circular saws

Metal circular saws, metal dryers, metal circular saws ...

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Metal band saws

Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic metal band saws ...

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Grinding and polishing machines for metal

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Milling machines conventional

Universal precision drilling and milling machines also with electronically...

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CNC milling machines

CNC milling machines with SIEMENS SINUMERIK controls, high precision, solid...

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Lathes conventional

Also with brushless motor for stepless speed control and digital position...

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CNC lathes

CNC-controlled lathes with SIEMENS SINUMERIK 828D or SINUMERIK 808D...

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CNC training packages

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Machinery lamps

Robust machine lamps for individual use ...

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Measuring device

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