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Screw compressors

Belt-driven and direct-driven screw compressors. Whether you are looking for an oil-injected or oil-free screw compressor for mobile or stationary use or a compressed air station for continuous air demand, our screw compressors are available with and without compressed air receiver as well as refrigeration dryer for an optimal compressed air supply at any time.


Screw compressor

ACS SPECIAL 3,0-10-90 V

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Screw compressor

ACS SPECIAL 2,7-10-90 V

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Screw compressor

ACS ECO 2,7-10

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Screw compressor

ACS ECO 2,7-10-100

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Screw compressor

ACS ECO Aircar 2.7-10-22

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Screw compressor


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Screw compressor


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Screw compressor

ACS SPECIAL 2,7-10-100

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Screw compressor

ACS SPECIAL 3,0-10-100

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