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Sweeping / vacuum sweepers

The right model for every cleaning task - from the hand sweeper to the professional ride-on sweeper for indoor and outdoor use. Our hand-held and mobile sweepers, some of which are equipped with automatic cleaning systems, are ideally suited for cleaning coarse dirt and will conveniently and reliably remove dirt and leaves from your walkways, streets, driveways and patios at any time.


Hand sweeper

HKM 700

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Hand sweeper

HKM 800

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Hand sweeper

HKM 801

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Hand-held vacuum sweeper

KM 625

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Hand-held vacuum sweeper

KM 825

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Ride-on vacuum sweeper

AUKM 600

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Ride-on sweeper

AUKM 800

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Ride-on sweeper

AUKM 900

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Ride-on sweeper

AUKM 1200

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