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Vacuum cleaners

With our dry, wet and special vacuum cleaners, we have the right solution for every cleaning task. You want to vacuum up liquids or solid particles? Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner for metal chips, wood dust, chimney ash or harmful substances? We offer you a wide selection of wet and dry vacuums, safety vacuums, battery vacuums as well as pump and oil vacuums for reliable cleaning of carpets, floors and work surfaces.


Wet/dry vacuum cleaner

wetCAT 118 IE

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Wet/dry vacuum cleaner

wetCAT 130 IRH

Productimage for wetCAT 130 IRH

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner

wetCAT 131 RH M-Class

Productimage for wetCAT 131 RH M-Class

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner

wetCAT 131 IRH

Productimage for wetCAT 131 IRH

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner

wetCAT 141 RS-Tool M-Class

Productimage for wetCAT 141 RS-Tool M-Class

Dry vacuum cleaner

dryCAT 120 BAG

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Dry vacuum cleaner

dryCAT 320 BAG-H Pro

Productimage for dryCAT 320 BAG-H Pro

Ash vacuum cleaner

flexCAT 121 VCA

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Industrial dry vacuum cleaner

flexCAT 111 Q

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