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Water pumps

Powerful pumps for drainage, irrigation and domestic water supply with high functional reliability and convenient and safe handling. Do you want to use rainwater for watering the garden or increase the water pressure in the house? Or are you confronted with flooding and need to pump cellars empty? We offer you a wide range of waste water pumps, fresh water and garden pumps, submersible and deep well pumps, booster pumps as well as automatic domestic water pumps.


Submersible pump


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Submersible pump

SDWP 8510 Flooding set

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Garden pump

GP 1005C

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Garden pump

GP 1106P

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Domestic waterworks

DWS 1005C

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Greywater pump

SWP 80

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Fresh water pump

FWP 50

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Fresh water pump

FWP 80

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Submersible pump

SCWP 7514

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