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OPTImill 5X

Allow the production of tangible objects through digital 3D files from the CAD system. Attachable to any Optimum CNC milling machine with Siemens Sinumerik 808D/828D/840D sl control. Version 5X for milling machines with 3 and 5 axes.

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Art.-No. 3560012

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    Printing instead of milling

    Convert your CNC milling machine into a fully functional 3D printer within minutes.
    The OPTIMUM print heads OPTImill 3X and OPTImill 5X turn your machine into a top class 3D printer!

    The included software can convert 3D models, read them in and convert them into a machine-compatible G-code. I.e. the components are programmed via the slice program Cura and output suitably on our machines by means of add-on software.

    A very big advantage of our concept is that the wire feed is controlled via the spindle speed. This allows us to decelerate in corners and accelerate out, which leads to a very good result. Thanks to the use of web anticipation and the regulation of the feed, it is possible to print significantly faster than all commercially available competitors while maintaining the same quality. More than three times the printing speed with the same or better print quality.

    The 5x print head can also print 5-axis on a 5-axis milling machine. The prerequisite for this is a CAD/CAM system that supports this function.

    Set-up times of no more than 20 minutes* - very easy integration on the machine thanks to the 3D interface.

    Think big - print big!

    The installation space of your CNC machine allows you to print workpieces that commercially available printers cannot produce. The advantage of our concept is that you can machine on the CNC machine during the day, and you can turn the downtime of your machine into money by using the machine effectively, for example overnight.

    Due to the two heating elements on the print head of the Optimill 3x and the ring heater of the Optimill 5X, we achieve temperatures up to 300 °C, thus a wide variety of filaments can be printed. Materials like PA, PLA, ABS, Nylon, Carbon are no problem for the printer.

    Unlimited possibilities result from the OPTIMUM print heads OPTImill 3X and OPTImill 5X

    Whether you need large or small 3D prototypes or highly complex components; due to the flexibility and the speed, together with the accuracy of your CNC machine, you produce as cost-effective and flexible as never before. For our programming we used the 3D software Cura, in 5-axis machining we work with Siemens NX as programming software.

    With the standard delivery filament with a thickness of 1.75 mm can be printed. For 2.85 mm filament, the conversion kit for the print head is required. You can also benefit economically from our exchangeable print nozzles. This does not require the entire assembly to be replaced, as is often the case with other manufacturers.


    • 2 heating nozzles with a power of 100 watts at 24V
    • Temperature range: 150° - 300 °C
    • Printing speed (depending on machine concept) ±75 mm/s


    Extruder drive mount16 mm
    Heating100 W
    Explanation to heatingat 24 V
    Heating elementRing heater
    Adjustable temperature range150 – 300 °
    Temperature controlPID (Proportional, Integral und Differential)
    Extrusion speed± 75 mm/s, depending on the drive concept of the CNC milling machine
    Ambient temperature20 – 30 °
    Relative humidityno condensation
    Unit: pc(s).
    Packaging unit: 1

    • 2 rollers for filament 1.75 mm
    • Filament holder
    • Pressure nozzle size 0.4 mm
    • Print head with PID temperature controller
    • Power supply 230V / 24V DC 15A
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