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  • Productimage for OPTIsaw S 150G
  • Productimage for OPTIsaw S 150G
  • Productimage for OPTIsaw S 150G
  • Productimage for OPTIsaw S 150G
  • Productimage for OPTIsaw S 150G
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The metal cutting

OPTIsaw S 150G

Band saw for metalworking with miter-pivoting saw bow and infinitely adjustable saw band speed.

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Art.-No. 3300150

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    • Silent run
    • Base plate and saw bow made of cast iron
    • Stable saw frame, therefore quiet and low-vibration run
    • Easy to read scale for angle adjustment
    • As standard with high-quality bi-metal saw band
    • Saw band tension adjustable on the front side via handwheel
    • Adjustable material stop for serial work
    • Quick hold of the workpiece by quick-action vice
    • Pushbutton Manual saw band switches the blade of the saw blade on and off
    • Ball bearing saw band guide
    • Robust substructure
    • Fully equipped machine; whereby the user can work immediately after commissioning


    Cutting ranges
    0° round (full material)150 mm
    0° quadratic (full material)160 mm
    0° rectangle horizontal (full material)150 x 160 mm
    0° rectangle upright (full material)150 x 160 mm
    +45° round (full material)105 mm
    +45° quadratic (full material)105 mm
    +45° rectangle horizontal (full material)105 x 130 mm
    +45° rectangle upright (full material)115 x 125 mm
    +60° round (full material)65 mm
    +60° quadratic (full material)65 mm
    +60° rectangle horizontal (full material)65 x 65 mm
    +60° rectangle upright (full material)70 x 90 mm
    Dimensions and weights
    Max. length1120 mm
    Max. width/depth720 mm
    Max. height1590 mm
    Length930 mm
    Width/depth510 mm
    Height1240 mm
    Weight approx.100 kg
    Drive output
    Main motor1.1 kW
    Electric Data
    Supply voltage230 V
    Machine data
    Saw band speed(s)20 – 65 m/min
    Gearscontinuously adjustable
    Saw band length1735 mm
    Saw band width12.7 mm
    Saw band thickness0.9 mm
    Cutting angle0 – 60 °
    Coolant pump motor output50 W
    • material stop
    • Bi-metal saw band
    • Coolant system
    • substructure


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