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Electrode inverter


400 volt model for industrial use, suitable for cellulose electrodes

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Art.-No. 1073403

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    • State-of-the-art inverter technology
    • TIG Welding with LIFT ignition
    • Suitable for use on the generator, e.g. in workshops, schools, metal construction, on construction sites or for farmers
    • Hot Start: Thanks to automatic short-term increase in the welding current, the arc ignites safely and is immediately stable
    • Anti Stick: Accidental bonding of the electrode automatically reduces the welding current and thus prevents the electrode from annealing
    • Arc Force Control: Due to the internal monitoring of welding current and welding voltage, short circuits are dissolved quickly and safely. This stabilizes the arc and makes it easy to process the electrodes
    • VRD (Volt Reduction Device): Voltage reduction in idle mode


    • Hot start for safe and stable ignition of the arc
    • Anti Stick against annealing electrode when bonding
    • Arc-Force resolves short circuits safely and quickly


    Dimensions and weights
    Length560 mm
    Width/depth240 mm
    Height440 mm
    Weight approx.21.7 kg
    Duty cycle
    at Imax. 40°C electrode60 %
    at Imax. 40°C TIG DC60 %
    Current at 100% DC 40°C electrode310 A
    Current at 100% DC 40°C TIG DC310 A
    Electric Data
    Supply voltage400 V
    Phase(s)3 Ph
    Current type~
    Mains frequency50/60 Hz
    Electrical connections
    Input current electrode32.3 A
    Input current TIG25.1 A
    Total output electrode22.4 kVA
    Total output TIG17.3 kVA
    Weldable electrodes1.6 - 5.0 mm
    Power consumption
    Electrode16.4 kVA
    TIG DC12.4 kVA
    Setting range
    Electrode20 - 400 A
    TIG DC20 - 400 A
    Standards and certifications
    StandardEN 60974-1:2012, EN 60974-10:2014
    EMC classA
    Explanation EMC classThis Class A welding equipment is not intended for use in residential areas where power is supplied by a public low-voltage power supply system.
    • Welding cable 3 m 50 mm² with electrode holder 500 A
    • Ground cable 3 m 50 mm² with ground terminal 500 A


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