A special machine delivery

In the world of machinery wholesale, we experience fascinating stories every day that go beyond the ordinary. Today we would like to tell you about a very special machine delivery that not only impresses with its size and performance, but also with its unique destination - it went to an artist in the Czech Republic.

GBP PRO S 60400 press brake from METALLKRAFT - large, robust and powerful

With an impressive working width of 6 metres and a bending capacity of 400 tonnes, this press brake is well above the typical sizes of such machines. With a weight of 43 tonnes and an increased machine load capacity, it is one of the heaviest machines in our standard portfolio. It is robust and powerful. The machine in a special paint finish is equipped with 4 controlled axes, motorised table crowning and a very user-friendly, graphic CNC control system. With these features, the press brake is ready for a wide range of demanding sheet metal processing tasks.

An exceptional customer

We are very pleased that we can also inspire customers far outside the classic core target group with our machines. An artist from the Czech Republic has opted for this impressive machine to create interesting sculptures and huge installations from stainless steel. This unusual machine purchase not only underlines the versatility of our portfolio, but also demonstrates our broad expertise in the field of sheet metal working machines. It proves that we are ready to support our customers on their path to success, regardless of the nature of their work.

Smooth delivery

The press brake was delivered disassembled and commissioned on site by our assembly team. The customer then received comprehensive instruction.