Newsbild Newsbeitrag Kooperation Optimum und Christiani

A Viable Education in the Future: Optimum, Siemens and Christiani Cooperating

Due to fast-moving technological progress, companies and vocational schools are facing the challenge of providing an education that is still viable in the future. One possibility to realise this would be technology-leasing.

Tool machine manufacturer Optimum and teaching material specialist Christiani are therefore cooperating in order to provide comprehensive solutions for modern education. Thereby the workshop with the trainees gets everything out of one hand – including CNC machines, workshop equipment, didactics concepts and teaching material. The cooperation is to enable schools and companies from all over the world to invest in modern education.

“The scarcity of qualified employees is threating to slow down progress. By cooperating with Christiani and by the use of modern financing instruments provided by Siemens Financial Services, we offer solutions for education to keep up with technological progress and digitalisation” explains Martin Trepesch, Head of Technical Department at Optimum, the machine manufacturer’s commitment.

A practical contribution to this topic can be found on pages 11-13 of the magazine cnc4you 1/2018.