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Professional Cleaning 4.0. - The innovative ASSM ride-on scrubber from Cleancraft

Rubber abrasion, oils and greases, sugar molasses or emulsions: the soiling in production facilities, halls and warehouses can be diverse. In oder to ensure that your floors are not only visually clean, but also safe, scrubber machines are indispensable today for in-house areas with heavy traffic. Because once the dirt is stuck and has settled you are often forced to hire a professional cleaning service provider in order to remove it.

Convenient removal of stubborn soiling

To prevent this from happening in the first place, companies are increasingly turning to modern ride-on scrubbers, which not only work professionally and with consistently high performance, but also achieve optimum results in terms of economy. Thanks to their wet cleaning function, they reliably remove even stubborn, adhering dirt and also clean large surfaces quickly and effectively. This way, your internal transport routes are not only shining again, but also offer more safety to equipment and personnel. Because it is often the small, daily accumulating and initially barely visible dirt that leads to a safety risk and can cause damage over time. Rubber abrasion and gear oils from industrial trucks, for example, are regularly deposited on the floor, which not only leads to a risk of slipping, but could also trigger technical problems on transport vehicles in the long term, resulting in increased maintenance and repair costs.

Design, comfort and efficiency perfectly combined

The ride-on scrubber ASSM series from Cleancraft offers you a whole new dimension in terms of design, comfort and efficiency. Both ease of use and ergonomic working as well as the use of innovative technologies have been raised to a whole new level. The design alone has been created in such a way that all sensitive, mechanical parts are completely protected and unintentional impacts are reliably absorbed. The low centre of gravity provides additional stability and safety, especially when cornering and overcoming ramps. With a brush pressure of up to 100 kg, the ride-on scrubber removes even stubborn dirt. The amount of water and detergent can be dosed precisely and separately so that you can work efficiently and conserve resources. Thanks to an innovative suction system, the floor dries immediately and you are not exposed to any risk of slipping. At the same time, the 3-stage suction motor works very quietly, which is why the cleaning machine can also be used in noise-sensitive environments without any problems. A zone programme is used to save different types of environments with preset working configurations which the operator can conveniently select at the touch of a button to adapt the machine to the environment to be cleaned. A rear-view camera allows constant monitoring of the cleaning performance without the operator having to take his eyes off the direction of travel.  

Safety systems ensure accident-free cleaning

Equipped with a wide range of safety systems, the ride-on scrubber ASSM series is designed to reliably prevent hazardous situations. Collision protection detects obstacles when reversing so that the operator can safely manoeuvre the machine at all times, even in tight places. Additional stability is provided by Electronic Stability Control, which triggers automatic speed reduction when cornering without the operator having to actively brake. An Emergency Stop automatically brings the cleaning machine to a standstill with just a single push of a button. A speed control system, which prevents abrupt acceleration on downhill gradients, ensures that the speed is maintained at a constant level.

ASSM series in 3 variants - choose the machine that suits you best

Every working environment places different demands on a floor cleaning machine. Therefore, the ride-on scrubber ASSM series is available in three versions, depending on how the floors are shaped and what kind of dirt you are dealing with. The ASSM B BASIC model is suitable for any hard floor and can be adapted to any type of environment and surface. With its two side brushes, this machine also achieves optimal cleaning performance along walls and even gets under shelves. In the ASSM ORB BASIC variant, the brush head consists of a rectangular pad that moves with oscillations that are transverse to the direction of travel. This ensures an even result on the entire treated surface at all times. This model is therefore particularly suitable for structured floors and those with wide joints. The ASSM CY BASIC version is especially suitable for cleaning floors in logistics and industrial companies. As a combi machine, this model not only cleans but also sweeps. Whether pallet splinters, packaging material or broken pieces: wherever goods are moved, sweepings automatically accumulate on the floor. With its two cylindrical brushes, the ASSM CY BASIC model first sweeps the non-adhering dirt residues into a container installed in the rear part of the brush head. In the same operation, the two brush heads then mechanically wet-scrub the floor. This way, loose and adhering dirt is conveniently removed in one step. 

If you want to go one step further and opt for an ultra-modern, smart operation method, you can also choose the PLUS version of the B BASIC and CY BASIC models. The entire management of activities is then carried out via a modern touchscreen display that responds quickly to your commands at any time at the touch of a button.

Public floor surfaces, e.g. in supermarkets, swimming pools, fitness centres, or in factories and production facilities, should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. Once rubber abrasion, oils and emulsions have turned into a hard crust, it can often only be removed with great effort by professional cleaning service providers. Keep your floor surfaces in good shape so that you can get started once again tomorrow on a beautiful, radiant surface!