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Car batteries work harder in winter

It's frosty and cold and you've just painstakingly scraped the ice off the windows, you get into the car ready to go and then this: the car won't start. Now you need quick advice. Ring the neighbor's bell or call the breakdown service? Much more convenient and less time-consuming in this case is a battery charger and maintainer, which allows you to counteract a complete discharge in advance.

Battery performance drops in freezing temperatures

Temperatures below zero degrees present a challenge for car batteries, as the battery loses power due to the cold. Already at minus 10 degrees, the power storage unit can only provide about 65% of its power, at minus 20 degrees it is only about 50%. The starting difficulties are favored by the engine oil, which is often very viscous due to the cold, and which clogs the battery even more. If you frequently drive short distances and do not give the battery the opportunity to recharge, failure is often inevitable.

Battery maintenance with the EBC 70 E and EBC 160 E chargers from Unicraft

To prevent your battery from discharging completely in the first place, car batteries should be charged regularly in winter using an electronic battery charger. This not only prevents deep discharge, but also increases the service life of the battery, which can be damaged by recurring deep discharges. The new EBC 70 E and EBC 160 E battery chargers from Unicraft offer you an optimal charging option. Thanks to their integrated winter mode, they work stably at all times, even at temperatures below 0°C. The illuminated display gives you an excellent overview of the progress of the automatically controlled charging cycle. Overheating, overloading and short-circuit protection ensure that the devices are always ready for use. Various safety devices prevent incorrect connection to the battery, among other things. Both the 70-watt EBC 70 E model and the 160-watt EBC 160 E model have a charging voltage of 6 or 12 volts and are therefore suitable for both two-wheelers and cars. In addition, they can also be used to charge trucks with up to 7.5 tons and boats, provided they have a 12-volt battery.

A quick helper in an emergency: the SB 201 MS battery starter

Should the car battery be completely discharged, only a battery launcher can help. With the ultra-light SB 201 MS battery launcher from Unicraft, your car is quickly ready for use at any time, regardless of the breakdown location. Equipped with extensive protective functions, the device is easy to use and prevents incorrect polarity or overvoltage. Thanks to the integrated memory saver function, vehicle electronic settings, e.g. radio code or seat and driver comfort settings, can be retained during charging in the auxiliary charging mode. This allows you to continue your journey quickly and conveniently.