Leaves everywhere: sweeping leaves made easy

Even though we are often a bit nostalgic at the end of the summer, for many of us autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. With its brilliant colors, it literally invites us to enjoy nature to the fullest before it starts its winter rest. But as impressive as the autumn play of colors may be for our eyes, the autumn season also requires a lot of work.

Autumn foliage must be removed

The first gusts of wind are usually not long in coming and quickly sweep the colorful autumn spectacle from the trees. By then, at the latest, we should be thinking about how to clear our sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and sports facilities of autumn leaves. Because once the gray autumn rain sets in, wet, fallen leaves can quickly create mirror-smooth surfaces, which pose a major safety risk, especially on sidewalks.

The good old broom is still widely used today for sweeping leaves - and it certainly does its job. Much more convenient and handy, however, are specially designed devices that not only allow you to remove your leaves more quickly, but also prevent dust from being blown up - and you protect your back on top of that.

Leaf blower or sweeper?

Are you now thinking of roaring leaf blowers? This is certainly an alternative to the broom, but usually not the most practical and the environmentally friendliest. Leaf blowers or vacuums are suitable mainly for green areas and natural ground, for which sweeping tools are less practical. Besides the exhaust gas and noise emissions of the petrol-powered models, leaf blowers have other disadvantages, e.g. they endanger useful small creatures such as insects, frogs and hedgehogs.

For this reason, hand sweepers have become popular for paved and hard surfaces in recent years. Not only are they much more convenient to handle, but they also do not interfere with natural processes. Today, sweepers are used in both private and commercial applications. In addition to their quiet operation, they are very easy to use, extremely maneuverable and reach every corner with their rotating brushes.

Hand sweepers with tandem sweeping rollers

High-quality hand sweepers that not only sweep away leaves, but also collect everything from flat paper to beverage cans, are available from around € 200.  One such machine is the CLEANCRAFT HKM 801, which enables effective cleaning and does not spare any dust particles thanks to its tandem sweeping roller system. With its working width of 800 mm and a dirt hopper of 30 L, it is one of the smaller machines and is therefore particularly used in private environments.

The CLEANCRAFT HKM 800 is the best choice for anyone who needs a slightly larger dirt hopper.  With its 40 L container, this machine picks up a slightly larger amount of dirt and leaves before you have to make a pit stop and remove the contents from the machine. With its working width of 800 mm, this hand sweeper also has a tandem roller system and, like its little brother, is suitable for areas of 500 to 1,000 sqm and thus primarily for private use.

Vacuum sweeper for professional cleaning

Do you need a professional sweeper that always ensures a sparkling clean result on both dry and wet surfaces? Then you should take a closer look at the KM 650 E hand-held vacuum sweeper from CLEANCRAFT. Optionally available with battery or gasoline drive, this professional sweeper is very handy and compact. With its lowerable side brushes, it puts an abrupt end to dirt along walls. The vacuum sweeper has a washable plate filter that can be changed in just a few steps without tools. Thanks to its mechanical drive, the KM 650 is extremely low-maintenance and, with a cleaning area of up to 2,500 square meters, is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and workshops.

Whether you just want to clear your sidewalk or larger areas such as parking lots or public areas of autumn leaves, a hand sweeper makes your work much easier and you have more time to enjoy the beautiful side of autumn. Beforehand, however, think about what you want to use the sweeper for. Because only a sweeper tailored to your needs will bring you joy for a long time - and not only in autumn.