[Translate to Englisch:] Aufspannplatte für Bohr- und Fräsmaschinen
[Translate to Englisch:] Aufspannplatte für Bohr- und Fräsmaschinen

Drilling with tension - clamping plate for more safety & efficiency

Slipping of workpieces during drilling or milling not only leads to inaccurate results and increased time requirements, but above all poses a safety risk for the user. Now, you have an easy solution to this problem - with the new clamping plate for drilling and milling machines.

Simple, fast and tool-free assembly

The clamping plate with dimensions of 450 x 400 mm and a stop rail with 720 mm is ideal for any drilling table and ensures significantly increased efficiency. It is operated without tools so that the clamping plate, clamps and stops are ready for use in seconds. With its infinitely and finely adjustable stops, the clamping plate enables maximum precision during your drilling or milling processes and is therefore an indispensable accessory especially for series production. Clamping elements and stop modules can be freely positioned in the grooves of the clamping plate and thus ensure the greatest possible flexibility.


For an easy processing of larger workpieces, the clamping plate can be extended by an optional table extension. This can be conveniently hung on the side mounting rails and enables expansion to the left, right or front. Those who want extra efficiency and safety can equip the clamping plate with an optionally available machine vice. Thanks to its tool-free positioning and fixing, it is ready for use within seconds and ensures faster and safer working, especially with pillar drilling machines.