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Compact compressor from Aircraft as a reliable part of the "smallest coolest workshop" for the rally "The Real Way to Dakar"

The rally "The Real Way to Dakar" follows in the footsteps of the former "Paris Dakar Rally", which now takes place at other locations and no longer leads to Dakar. This was considered the most important long-distance and desert rally in the world. The rally "The Real Way to Dakar" is just as challenging for the participants and there is frequently a lot of damage to the participating vehicles that has to be repaired "on the road". For this purpose, the well-known truck influencer Max Hunt built the "smallest coolest workshop" in a container, brought it to Morocco with a Scania four-wheel drive truck and took part in the 2023 edition of this rally as a "shadow vehicle" and driving workshop. For a powerful compressed air supply, he relied on a mobile compressor from Aircraft.

To make the "smallest coolest workshop" mobile for rally purposes, truck influencer legend Max Hunt equipped a compact 20-foot container with everything needed for a transportable workshop operation. Cabinets, tools, workbench and hoist, welder, power generator and various other professional equipment quickly filled the limited space. Since a professional workshop also requires a powerful compressed air system, a compact mobile compressor was sought for limited space that nevertheless "makes enough pressure" to be able to safely provide enough required compressed air in any workshop situation. After careful evaluation, a piston compressor Aircraft Airprofi 410-50 was chosen. This compressor is characterised not only by its compactness, but also by its high performance, maximum robustness and high operational reliability. The most important features of this compressor are the high-quality electric motor, compressed air compression via the high-performance HOS unit, high-quality drive belt, use of a comfort safety coupling and a high-quality tank with durable rust protection. In addition, the unit's functional design makes it comfortable and safe to transport and set up. As a robust companion, the Airprofi safely and reliably supplied compressed air for all situations in Max Hunt's mobile rally workshop. The Airprofi compressors are built by Aircraft Kompressorenbau GmbH in Hohenzell, Austria, the only Austrian compressor manufacturer. The different series of Aircraft compressors, and of course the rally-tested Airprofi 401/50, can be purchased throughout Europe from the specialised trade partners of the Stürmer Group of Companies.

Aircraft is a brand of Aircraft Kompressorenbau GmbH, a sister company of the German Stuermer Maschinen GmbH. In 1982 Stuermer Maschinen was founded as a wholesale company for machinery with agencies and is one of today's leading suppliers of German machinery retailers. The label Stuermer stands for courage and optimism. This has allowed the company to grow into a successful and efficient supplier, which successfully delivers machines from the fields of metal and woodworking, compressed air and welding technology as well as cleaning and workshop technology to more than 2,000 customers in Germany as well as in more than 20 European and more than 40 non-European countries.

Link to the "smallest coolest workshop": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ8SnIqe5Bo