CRAFT MIG impulse welding - for extra precision & efficiency

Welding spatter and reworking take up valuable time in your welding processes? Now you can easily get rid of this problem - with the impulse welding devices from SCHWEIßKRAFT. Due to the short-term, pulse-like increase in current, this welding method enables you to achieve an even material transition and unclean work will be a thing of the past.

Pulse current enables short-circuit-free droplet detachment

With pulse welding, the direct current and alternate current switch with a specified frequency. While the direct current has the task of preventing the arc from breaking and keeping the molten pool liquid, the alternate current provides sufficient heat to detach the droplet and enable a better weld penetration. The impulse phase only lasts a maximum of one to two milliseconds, during which the wire electrode is melted by the extremely high current and constricted at a certain point. This process is also known as the pinch effect. Ideally, there is no direct contact between the wire and the weld pool. Therefore, in contrast to standard welding, the droplet detaches without short-circuiting, which subsequently ensures extremely clean, low-spatter results.

Suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG and electrode welding

If you work with thin sheet metals, such as steel or stainless steel, the pulse welding devices CRAFT-MIG 253 and 201 P are ideal. Their synergy function automatically calculates the voltage and wire feed after you have entered the wire diameter, the material and the gas. The pulse welding devices can be used for MIG / MAG and TIG as well as for electrode welding and guarantee a stable arc at all times for the best possible welding results. The arc-force control system monitors the welding current and voltage internally. If you work a lot outdoors, you have the option of operating the pulse welding machines CRAFT-MIG 253 and 201 P completely independently of a power source via a power generator.

Versatile in applications: steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Less weld spatter, higher welding speeds, reduced welding fume emission, less rework and flatter seams: the advantages of impulse welding devices are many. Impulse welding is particularly popular when processing steel, stainless steel and aluminum, as porosity is significantly reduced. However, the impulse method is also used when welding all other materials in order to simplify the welding process and achieve clean results. Another area of application is multilayer welding technology, as pulse welding is ideally suited for layer buildup. Moreover, the double pulse welding function also offers the possibility of creating weld seams in TIG appearance with the scale pattern known for this. The high precision of the impulse welding devices not only ensures flawless weld seams, but is also easy on your wallet, as you can completely do without welding protection sprays when pulsing.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Accelerated welding processes
  • Better control over the arc
  • Higher quality of welds
  • Avoidance of errors and less rework
  • No welding protection sprays and thus cost savings
  • Reduction of welding fume and grinding dust exposure and thus healthier working conditions

Set impulses and convince with smooth weld seams! The pulse welding devices CRAFT-MIG 253 and 201 P ensure precise welding results and do the fine work for you. This allows you to concentrate on what is essential and implement your welding projects efficiently and reliably at all times.

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