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OPTIMUM presents new table lathes

Whether cylindrical, conical or spherical workpieces: Round shapes are needed and used almost everywhere today, be it for axles, pins, bushings, sleeves or sockets, both in the hobby and craft sector as well as in industry. By precisely rotating the workpiece around its own axis, modern lathes ensure that the material is removed cleanly, evenly and efficiently at all times. For this purpose, Optimum now offers a range of new lathes that have been specially developed for the upmarket craftsman's needs .

Feed gear for maximum precision

The new models TU 2506V and TU 2807VB - two leading screw lathes - as well as the model TU 3008VB - a guide and feed spindle lathe - enable extremely uniform cutting movement and machining of the material during turning. Responsible for this is the very smooth-running feed gear equipped with rounded gears as well as a very high concentricity of the spindle nose, which guarantees high-precision work. Ideal areas of application for the leading screw lathes and the guide and feed spindle lathe are longitudinal and face turning operations as well as thread cutting for both single and small series production. A special feature of the machines is that the speed can be conveniently set electronically using the Vario mode. The machines are suitable for machining all types of metals, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass.

Stability and performance enable a wide range of uses

The hardened main spindle is mounted in adjustable, precise tapered roller bearings in P5 quality, thus achieving very high accuracy in the cutting process. The prism bed is made of grey cast iron, inductively hardened and precision ground. A sliding tailstock offers the possibility of using the lathes for taper turning as well, whereby the turning tool can be adjusted to exactly achieve the desired taper. A powerful engine ensures that the Optimum leading screw lathes and the guide and feed spindle lathe work efficiently at all times.

Since vibrations usually occur during turning operations, a stable base for the lathes is recommended. The MST1 machine base is ideal for this purpose, so that your new Optimum lathe is always on safe ground and you can fully focus on your machining process.