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Determine your compressed air requirements with our new calculator

Do you have doubts on how much compressed air you need in your workshop and which compressor is best suited for you? Now, you no longer have to make complex calculations. Because our new calculator for your compressed air demand does it all for you.

Regardless of whether you use an impact wrench, body saw or orbital sander, our new calculator determines in a matter of seconds the effective delivery volume of the compressed air you need for your work processes. Simply enter the type and number of your compressed air tools into the calculator and you will immediately receive your personal compressed air requirement analysis. The calculated compressed air requirement is then shown separately for the two compressor systems piston and screw compressor.

As soon as you know your compressed air requirements, you can make an initial selection from our large range and later only decide between the piston or screw compressors that are suitable for you. For all further questions, e.g. whether an oil-injected or oil-free compressor, a stationary or a mobile compressor is more suitable for you, our specialist retailers are always available on site. Simply fill out the contact form below our calculator. We would be happy to assist you with finding a specialist retailer in your area.