[Translate to Englisch:] Flip-Up Automatik-Schweißschutzhelm mit Echtfarberkennung
[Translate to Englisch:] Schweißkraft Schweißschutzhelm VarioProtect XXL-W F-TC AIR

True color detection with flip-up welding helmet technology

Optimal visibility during welding is essential to achieve precise results. Particularly with small workpieces, poor visibility can lead to inaccurate welding results with unsightly blemishes. In order to be able to weld as precisely as possible, it is therefore not only necessary to have a large viewing window, but also a color reproduction that comes as close as possible to real colors.

The new VarioProtect XXL-W F-TC AIR welding helmet from Schweißkraft with its True Color Display is one of the top favorites when it comes to true color recognition. Awarded the highest filter class 1/1/1/1, the welding helmet gives you the currently highest possible protection of your eyes against glaring flashes and glaring light and at the same time enables you to perform welding work in true colors extremely precisely. Four sensors detect the arc, so that the automatic welding helmet needs less than a millisecond to darken the field of vision. Various darkening levels are available depending on the activity.

An innovative flip-up system ensures that the welder can fold up the cassette in the helmet with just one hand movement, so that, for example, while grinding, he can see directly through the clear protective screen. This means that the welding helmet does not have to be removed every time activities requiring full daylight visibility are necessary in between.

Even longer and regular welding work, e.g. in metal and steel construction, in metalworking shops or in vehicle construction, can be carried out effortlessly with the automatic welding safety helmet VarioProtect XXL-W F-C AIR. Equipped with the currently highest possible filter type TH3P, a highly efficient air filter system permanently supplies the user with clean and filtered air, so that you always have optimal protection against inhalation of dangerous and health-endangering particles. The Li-ION battery supplies you with fresh air for up to 10 hours at a stretch. Depending on the activity, you can easily choose between two fan speeds.

Welding doesn´t have to be an exhausting work. With the new VarioProtect XXL-W F-TC AIR welding helmet from Schweißkraft, you will be even more successful in creating strong connections for eternity, thanks to its practical handling and optimal visual properties while providing the best possible protection.