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Fine and precisely processed surfaces – grinding machines for perfect finishing

Whether in laser or plasma cutting, waterjet cutting or punching: when metallic workpieces are cut, burrs often appear on the cut edge. These burrs have to be removed, because on the one hand uneven surfaces and sharp edges pose a risk of injury and on the other hand they make further processing of the workpieces more difficult and can even cause damages to tools and machines if the burrs come off by themselves later.

Especially with flame cutting, reworking of the flame-cut parts is almost unavoidable. The released combustion heat produces liquid slag and splashes that often require deburring afterwards. The amount of burrs on your workpiece depends on the material, the thickness of the material and the cutting process. These burrs can only be partially removed with a hand tool, e.g. if it is slag on the edge of the sheet metal part. Solid adhesions of the melt on the surface, on the other hand, can only be removed cleanly and professionally with a deburring machine.

Manual grinding machines - fast, handy and flexible

Manual grinding machines are ideally suited for surface finishing in metalworking and locksmiths, because they enable quick and convenient processing of individual parts. The brand new MMSM 150-2 manual grinding machine from METALLKRAFT is particularly flexible in use. Thanks to its vacuum clamping table, workpieces of all shapes and sizes and even small parts can be fixed in no time at all. In addition, the grinding machine can be easily transported to the desired location thanks to its transport rollers. The working head can be equipped with two tools, which can be changed quickly and conveniently at any time thanks to a 180° swivel. In addition to cleaning flame-cut parts, the MMSM 150-2 grinding machine is particularly suitable for removing the oxide layer that forms during thermal cutting processes. If this is not removed, damage can occur later, e.g. paintwork could flake off and rust could develop as a result. But it is also easier and more uniform to implement welding processes without an oxide layer.

Are you regularly carrying out grinding work on metal workpieces or are you manufacturing series components? Then the MBBS wide belt metal grinder, which METALLKRAFT has newly added to its product range, is ideal. With this machine, you can easily manage a higher volume of deburring processes. The machine is particularly suitable for blank grinding, edge rounding and finish grinding of flat components and visible surfaces, e.g. after laser and plasma cutting or punching. Thanks to the conveyor table, which is equipped with a non-slip conveyor belt, the components remain in place during processing and you can concentrate fully on the finishing process.

As the new MBBS series is available in different versions, you can choose a metal belt grinding machine that is optimally tailored to your grinding processes. With a working width of up to 1,350 mm, the MBBS 1350-17 version is suitable for workpieces with large dimensions. If you are machining workpieces with a sheet thickness of 3 mm or more, the MBBS 650-16 RCC is the right choice for you. Equipped with a block brush and grinding unit, this machine removes even large slag and heavy burrs. If you are working with components that not only have a large sheet metal thickness, but are also uneven and warped, the MBBS 650-16 DCC version is ideal, as it is specially designed for complex workpieces. The MBBS 650-17 version is ideal for grinding flat steel and square tubes, as it has wet cooling for effective heat reduction and thus ensures distortion-free grinding results.

Maximum Precision with NC-controlled surface grinding machines

For industrial production, METALLKRAFT has recently added the NC-controlled precision surface grinding machine FSM PRO to its range. This machine, which can be controlled via a 10 “touchscreen, offers you the modes flat grinding, plunge grinding and cross grinding and is therefore ideally suited for grinding heavy workpieces for the electrical, steel and iron industries as well as for cutting tool, mold and device construction. An electromagnetic fine-pole clamping plate fixes the workpiece and ensures maximum precision during the grinding process. Thanks to the integrated demagnetization function, the workpiece is automatically released from the clamping plate after machining. The cross traverse path is defined via teach-in buttons and the parallel pull-off and compensation device mounted above the machine table can be conveniently operated via NC control.

When choosing the right metal grinding machine, many factors play a role, including the sheet metal thickness, workpiece size, strength of the burr formation and the volume of components to be processed. The decision for a grinding machine should therefore be well-considered and always made in cooperation with expert advisors. If your machine is optimally matched to your needs, you can look forward not only to easier grinding processes, but above all to flawless, fine and precisely finished surfaces that will make your customers smile.  

Contact information

Your personal technical advisor for our METALLKRAFT grinding machines is available to you at any time by e-mail at: beratung(at)metallkraft.de or by phone at: (0951) 96 5555 -504.