[Translate to Englisch:] Ergonomisch transportieren mit Hubwagen und Hubtischen

Ergonomic lifting & pulling: with convenient lift trucks and tables

Chronic diseases, back problems or injuries: many health problems are caused by incorrect lifting and carrying. The design of a healthy workplace environment is therefore essential to promote employee satisfaction and thus also the profitability of the company. Because only healthy and satisfied employees work productively and effectively in the long term.

Working height depends on activity

According to a study by the British Agency for Occupational Safety and Health, one third of all injuries resulting in at least three days' absence from work are due to manual transport activities. Therefore, recommendations on working heights and lifting weights, as often given by trade associations, are quite useful and should always be followed. For example, for an average height of 177 cm, a working height of 95 to 105 cm is recommended. For dexterity work, on the other hand, a working height of 85 to 90 cm is advised, and a height of 79 to 85 cm for work requiring a great deal of force.

The HT300 L LAP scissor lift table from Unicraft, for example, can be adjusted to suit these different applications with a table height ranging from 430 mm to 1040 mm. All you have to do is to move the table to the desired height by means of foot hydraulics. Thanks to its stable construction made of high-quality steel profiles, the lifting table has a load capacity of 300 kg, so that even heavier workpieces can be lifted and processed. The high-quality beech multiplex perforated grid plate with a perforated grid of 100 mm ensures comfortable working at all times and enables secure fixing of the workpieces.

Electric lift truck for loads over 500 kg  

In addition to the working height, there are also guideline values for lifting loads that are recommended for healthy, ergonomic work. For example, the upper limit for lifting and lowering loads is 20 kg for men and 15 kg for women. When moving loads, men may transport a maximum load of 10 kg and women a maximum of 7 kg. According to these guideline values, a hand pallet truck should be dispensed with if the load exceeds 500 kg and be replaced with an electric pallet truck. Although these are somewhat more expensive to purchase, they ensure healthy movements and relieve the driver enormously when transporting heavy loads on a regular basis. The EHW 12 electric pallet truck from Unicraft, for example, is ideal for use even in confined spaces thanks to its vertical drawbar. The very short charging time of only two and a half to three hours enables high availability of the transport device at all times. Due to its low weight of only 124 kg, the electric pallet truck can also be conveniently taken along on trucks.  

With correct posture and gentle movements, you can contribute a lot to the long-term preservation of your own health. With the necessary aids, especially when lifting, carrying and transporting objects, you can prevent injuries and damage to the musculoskeletal system and promote the well-being of employees. In the end, not only are the employees more satisfied, but the company can also benefit in the long term, as there are usually fewer staff absences and thus fewer disruptions to ongoing operations.