[Translate to Englisch:] Hydraulische Schwenkrahmen-Metallbandsäge BMBS 230 x 280 HA-DG von Metallkraft
[Translate to Englisch:] Vollautomatische Schwenkrahmen-Metallbandsäge BMBS 230 x 280 CNC-G  von Metallkraft

For hard materials - Machining with swing frame metal bandsaws

Whether profiles, tubes or solid material, swing frame metal band saws cut the hardest materials precisely and powerfully at all times. They have become indispensable in both trade and industry and are widely used in many different areas. Thanks to the built-in tape guides with adjustable carbide plates, they cut through stainless steel, tool steel, hollow profiles as well as solid materials without effort and enable precise cuts at all times.

Requirements for sawing technology have become more complex

In recent years, the requirements for sawing technology in metal construction have become even more comprehensive and at the same time very specific. The expectation is for higher cutting performance with longer tool life, perfect cutting surfaces, more precision and a high degree of machine variability and flexibility. Because for metal construction precise sawing results as well as high performance and durability are today more important than ever in order to remain competitive and work economically in the long term.

Model variety: hydraulic, semi- or fully automatic, CNC-controlled

With the BMBS series, METALLKRAFT offers a range of swing frame metal bandsaws that are geared towards these expectations and optimally meet the more demanding requirements. The saws with their 25° inclined saw bow allow mitre cuts up to +60° and are available in many different versions. They differ in the control system, which can be hydraulic, semi-automatic, fully automatic or CNC-controlled. Thanks to the wide range of options as well as the versatile accessories, the BMBS swing frame metal bandsaws can be perfectly matched to the individual requirements and the respective application.

Precision, accuracy and efficiency

On the BMBS 230 x 280 HA-DG  fully hydraulic swing frame metal band saw with semi-automatic operation and infinitely variable band speed, the workpiece is automatically clamped when the sawing cycle is activated. The saw bow moves through the workpiece with constant, infinitely variable pressure to the end position. The fully automatic model BMBS 230 x 280 CNC-G  goes one step further and has two vices that move via long-stroke hydraulic cylinders. This eliminates the need to preset the material cross-section to be sawn and the material feed can be automated. This fully automated process is ideally suited for series production and high quantities. For increased throughput times and extremely precise feed, the fully automatic, CNC-controlled model  BMBS 300 x 320 CNC-G is the right choice. The material feed driven by recirculating ball screws ensures a higher feed rate and high process reliability when sawing on this machine. Especially designed for industrial use is the model BMBS 360 x 500 H-DG. The higher saw blade width of 34 mm and the large saw blade wheel bearings ensure smoother running, more precise work and also less saw blade wear.

Today, swing frame metal band saws are indispensable when metals are regularly cut and optimum results are to be achieved. However, it is not purely a matter of appearance. Also for further processing it is advantageous if the workpieces are sawn with the greatest possible cutting precision, so that post-processing can be largely dispensed with. The BMBS series from Metallkraft offers you a large selection of swing frame metal band saws individually tailored to your needs. With the highest precision, accuracy and efficiency you can cut through even the hardest materials and inspire your customers with top-notch masterpieces.