GBP-Plus - the new press brake from Metallkraft

Metallkraft has been firmly established on the market for years with two proven series of press brakes - the entry-level GBP-BASIC and the upscale GBP-PRO. Now the company is supplementing its range with the premium GBP-PLUS series, which has been specially designed for high-end applications.

The design of the new press brake alone indicates a very heavy construction, which is rather unusual for machines in this price-performance segment. The version with 3,000 mm edge width and 175 t weighs no less than 13,000 kg and is thus 10 to 25 percent heavier than comparable machines. This enables permanently quiet operating behavior and sustainably precise bending results, even when working constantly at the performance limit. The quadruple guide of the solid upper beam also has a supporting effect, contributing to the smooth running and precise operation of the machine. Numerous components exclusively from renowned manufacturers make the press brake GBP-PLUS a reliable companion that meets the highest demands at all times, even under the most extreme loads. These include a GIVI Misure linear encoder, HIWIN linear guides, an original WILA table crowning system with FRAMO motor, a KCL hydraulic pump driven by a WATT motor, the Fiessler AKAS II safety device with Fiessler FMSC safety control, a backspace guard from REER, a BERNSTEIN foot pedal, servo drives from Mitsubishi, electrical components from Schneider, and hydraulic components from Hoerbiger or Bosch/Rexroth.

Extensive basic equipment with many additional options

With its four controlled axes (Y1, Y2, X and R) as well as a motorized table crowning, the GBP-PLUS series is already impressive in its basic configuration. Numerous additional options allow the user to expand the machine according to individual needs.

Control system

The intuitive 2D touch control Delem 58T including a license for the offline software Profile TL is included in the standard equipment. For users who work with and want to import DXF, STEP or IGES, the optional Delem 69T 3D controls and Cybelec's latest control - the CybTouch 19 MX-3D - are particularly suitable.

Back gauges

Also included as standard is the two-axis backgauge. Both the X-axis (forward/backward) and the R-axis (up/down) move in a controlled manner. The movement of the two backgauge fingers in the Z direction (left/right), which are guided in a double linear manner on the solid backgauge beam, is carried out manually. A wide range of backgauge guides can be selected to suit individual requirements, including the X-R-Z1/Z2 backgauge, the X-RZ1/Z2-Delta-X backgauge or the 6-axis backgauge with two towers that can move independently of each other in three axes each (X1/X2-R1/R2-Z1-Z2).

Tool systems

As with the die press brakes of the GBP-BASIC and GBP-PRO series, Metallkraft also uses the renowned and popular PROMECAM/AMADA tooling system in the premium variant GBP-PLUS. All machines include as standard a quadruple die with 16, 22, 35 and 50 mm openings and a slightly cranked punch - both the die and the punch are of course sectioned to allow boxes to be produced. The upper tool is easily clamped using the quick-release lever, with the punch being removed from the side. If an upper tool change is to be expected a little more often, the Speed Touch system is recommended, in which the punches can also be removed and inserted vertically with the additional advantage that the idle stroke is eliminated. Of course, in the case of frequent tool changes, it is also possible to choose the hydraulic Wila clamping instead of the standard system in order to shorten set-up times. Likewise, individual solutions for specific requirements with regard to the mounting system or mold geometries can also be realized at any time. The same applies to individual configuration options, such as a larger piston stroke, a higher installation height, a larger column throat or load capacities for a heavy-duty application, which can be designed to meet individual requirements.

In addition to a technologically sophisticated system, Metallkraft relies on an all-round complete package for its press brakes. Starting with the determination of requirements, through the configuration of the machine, to commissioning and after-sales service, you always have one and the same contact person at your side to advise you on all your machine-related questions.