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Autumn leaves in gutter & downpipe? High pressure cleaners solve the problem

As beautiful as autumn may seem with its colourful splendour: falling leaves, pine cones and small branches give us a lot of work every year. And the leaves left behind are by no means limited to streets, pavements and driveways. Often unnoticed, the autumnal leaves also collect in the gutters and, in the worst case, are even transported into the downpipes.

Clogging can damage masonry

Often we only notice these dirt deposits when the gutter overflows and the dirty water can no longer drain off properly. However, clogging and possible damage to the pipes are not the only problem caused by dirty gutters. If the rainwater no longer drains properly, the moisture can cause damage to the masonry, insulation and building fabric. To avoid this, it is recommended to clean the gutters twice a year - in spring and autumn - to remove leaves, blossoms, plant residues, moss or abandoned bird nests. How often the gutter ultimately needs cleaning depends above all on the roof construction and surroundings. With pitched roofs, more dirt is usually washed in than with flatter roofs. If there are numerous trees in the vicinity of the house, it is certainly advisable to take a look at the gutter every now and then.

Gently dissolve contamination with hydropower

While dirt in the gutter is usually relatively easy to remove with the right tools, the situation is somewhat different with the downpipes. In order to loosen the dirt and remove blockages, various cleaning spirals are used for this purpose. However, these are not always advisable, as they can damage the downpipes from the inside or extend existing damage. You can clean more efficiently and gently by using a high-pressure cleaner combined with a special pipe cleaning set, which allows you to use water power and mechanical power simultaneously. This way, downpipes are cleaned particularly thoroughly and with little effort.

Pipe cleaning with cold water high pressure cleaner

Before you start, first prepare your high-pressure cleaner and attach the pipe cleaning hose. For example, the Cleancraft HDR-K 54-16 or HDR-K-51-16 model including the 16m pipe cleaning set are ideally suited. Now open a pipe clamp near the bottom of the downpipe in question and insert the hose into the downpipe. Then, switch on the high-pressure cleaner and feel your way forward to the blockage with the hose. You can now loosen the accumulated leaves with circular movements until they are sprayed out of the downpipe. There you can then remove the dirt and clear the blockage.

Take advantage of the last beautiful autumn days to clean your gutters and downpipes properly. Because once the first frost has set in, blocked downpipes can not only be damaged but even burst. The formation of icicles due to overflowing or dripping gutters also poses a danger. Cleancraft offers you a wide range of cold water high-pressure cleaners including corresponding pipe cleaning attachments as well as other efficient quality products with which you can easily remove all kinds of dirt. So you no longer have to worry about dirt or clogged gutters and downpipes even on cold, wet autumn days and can relax looking forward to the approaching winter.