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[Translate to Englisch:] Aschesauger flexCAT 121 VCA von Cleancraft

Clean removal of chimney ashes – with the ash vacuum cleaner from CLEANCRAFT

It's cold and dark outside. Who wouldn’t like to relax now in front of a crackling open fire and listen to the sound of the flames? Far less pleasant, on the other hand, are the remains that we find after a cozy, warm evening by the fire. After all, the ash left behind has to be disposed of. In this case, we often use standard vacuum cleaners, which are not designed for ash and charcoal residues. Much better suited are specially designed ash vacuum cleaners, such as the flexCAT 121 VCA from CLEANCRAFT, which gets your fireplace quickly ready for the next cozy get-together.

Normal vacuum cleaner bags often let the fine dust from ash and charcoal through. As a result, not only do you run the risk of soiling your clothes and the living space, but the fine dust particles that get into the air can also endanger your health. In addition, ordinary vacuum cleaner bags are highly flammable and could quickly catch fire if the ash is not completely cooled down.  

Filter systems and heat resistance enable safe application

Ash vacuums, on the other hand, have special safety features. Their collection containers are usually made of heat-resistant material. They are also equipped with special filter systems, which allows the ash to remain in the collection container and not escape through the pores of the bag, as is the case with ordinary vacuum cleaners. This allows clean disposal of ash and ensures that the toxic dust is not released into the air.

With a 20 liter dirt container made of stainless steel, the flexCAT 121 VCA from CLEANCRAFT has enough volume that you can comfortably clean your fireplace or garden grill in one go. Thanks to the integrated filter cleaning at the push of a button, you always have a consistently high suction power. To empty the container, simply open the clip locks and remove the suction head. The cable length of 5 meters and the rollers ensure special comfort. This makes the ash vacuum cleaner mobile and flexible in use, and you can reach even the furthest corners and crevices of your fireplace.