[Translate to Englisch:] Kapp- und Gehrungssäge KGZ 2540 von Holzkraft
[Translate to Englisch:] Mit der Kapp- und  Gehrungssäge können Sie in beliebigen Winkeln von -45° bis +45° sägen.
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[Translate to Englisch:] Der integrierte Laser zeigt die Anrisskante auf dem Werkstück während des Sägevorgangs millimetergenau an.

Trimming, cutting to length, angled cutting: the mitre saw as an all-round talent

Are you looking to cut strips for picture frames, make wooden strips for floors or realize precise cuts with bulky workpieces such as beams? Then you will make the right decision with a mitre saw with traction function. With this machine you can always rely on clean and precise cuts - whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional.

For precise angle cuts and exact, vertical sawing results

Angle cuts are indispensable when workpieces have to fit together accurately. These can be, for example, wooden planks in a floor, parts of a panelling or components in model making. This angular work, also called mitre cutting, is done with a combined chop and mitre saw. Unlike a conventional hand-held circular saw, the saw blade does not push through the wood, but the saw head is guided down onto the clamped workpiece from above. By tilting the saw head, you can now saw at any angle from about -45° to +45° and achieve precise cutting results. In addition to its mitre function, the combi saw is also ideally suited for any wood cutting in the vertical direction, e.g. when making firewood. Due to its many application options, the chop and mitre saw is part of the basic equipment for joineries and roofers as well as for wood craftsmen in order to be able to work quickly and efficiently at all times. But it is also worthwhile for hobby users to purchase a combination tool of this kind, because it is the only way to set mitres accurately to the degree and achieve precise cutting results.

KGZ 2540 - the mobile mitre saw with laser cutting aid

The KGZ 2540 crosscut and mitre saw from HOLZKRAFT is not only designed for maximum accuracy, but above all for mobile use. With a weight of just 21.6 kg, it can be easily transported and is therefore ideally suited for use on construction sites. The finely adjustable angle setting in combination with the adjustable, high workpiece stops ensures precise cutting results at all times. Additional precision is provided by the integrated laser, which indicates the tear-off edge on the workpiece with millimetre precision during the sawing process. The rotary table with its 31.6° grid position is ideal for cutting ceiling mouldings. But also cornice profiles can be easily implemented with the KGZ 2540 cross-cut and mitre saw. For repetitive work, the workpiece support can be extended on both sides with folding stops. As an extension the UWT 3200 universal work table with an extension length of up to 2,400 mm and a load capacity of up to 225 kg is available.  You can assemble and adjust the workbench quickly and easily without tools. Thanks to its foldable feet, it takes up little space after use and can be stored in every corner to save space.

If you not only value ease of use and precise results in your woodworking projects, but also need to make angled cuts on a regular basis, a chop and mitre saw is an indispensable addition. If the saw, like the KGZ 2540 model, is also equipped with a traction function, you enjoy great flexibility in terms of saw width and can even cut voluminous pieces of wood such as beams and boards cleanly and precisely. Simplify your sawing processes and realize angle cuts quickly and easily in all dimensions at any time! With the chop and mitre saw from HOLZKRAFT, you can expect not only visually perfect results, but also dimensionally accurate workpieces that will even please your further processors.