Lithuanian manufacturer of milled parts relies on OPTIMUM CNC machines

Partnership with Stürmer Maschinen enters the next round

Since 2014, the Lithuanian-based company stands for innovation and progress in the field of mechanical precision components. The manufacturer of mechanical production parts has been purchasing its machines from Stürmer Maschinen GmbH for many years. Now, the company has requested three more milling machines from the Hallstadt-based supplier, thus increasing the number of its OPTIMUM brand CNC machines to a total of 27 in the near future.

The cooperation with the Lithuanian partner is ideal for Stürmer Maschinen GmbH, as the company from the far north has specialized in milling and turning work with CNC-controlled machines. Its products include components for the automotive industry, energy technology, and the fields of mechanical engineering and medical rehabilitation technology. The company works primarily with steel, aluminum, titanium and stainless steel. One of the CNC machines supplied by Stürmer is even coupled with a robot, whose control system the company developed and programmed itself in order to optimize its processes in the long term and further expand its leading position in Lithuania's technical industry. The Lithuanian partner exports a large part of its production to Western and Northern Europe, in particular to Germany, Sweden, Norway, Holland and Switzerland. Well-known global companies are among his customers.

The innovative CNC machines are planned and developed by OPTIMUM Maschinen Germany GmbH, a company of the Stürmer Group, according to customer requirements. In doing so, Stürmer follows the latest standards and research results and only uses components from renowned, internationally active manufacturers.

In recent years, the Lithuanian company has been able to see for itself the high quality of Optimum CNC machines, as the machines in use there have been running trouble-free since 2014. That is why the partner did not hesitate long and when the Stürmer management visited made quickly the decision to order three additional CNC machines from the OPTIMUM brand. These machines, just like all other machines already in use, will soon be used in the production of mechanical precision components in two-shift operations.