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November grey? Spray colour into your life!

Grey, wet, foggy, gloomy: after the last colourful autumn leaves have tumbled from the branches, November indeed often seems colourless. Therefore, we are now all the more longing for a few splashes of color in our everyday life. And what better way to achieve this than with a paint spray gun? With Aircraft's air-operated FSP S1 HVLP and FSP S1 LVMP spray guns, you can give vehicles, furniture or metal objects a new shine and cover the November grey with new colour nuances.

Excellent spray pattern thanks to fine material atomization

Paint spray guns are ideal, especially in the automotive sector, because their wide and calm jet enables car paints to be applied quickly and efficiently. The finest material atomisation ensures an even, beautiful spray pattern and better surface quality. By means of the pressure difference, the liquid paint is atomised into small droplets through the air exiting the nozzle in a ring shape. These droplets are then deposited on the sprayed object and ultimately form a cohesive surface film.


During the spraying process, there is usually a lot of paint mist that is released into the air. For this reason, today's common HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology was developed. With this technology the air inlet pressure in the spray gun is reduced to a fraction, resulting in larger droplets and less overspray. This not only allows for easy application with optimal results, but also reduces the amount of paint needed, as less paint is released into the air. The FSP S1 HVLP paint spray gun from Aircraft makes use of precisely this technology and works with a low air pressure combined with a large air volume. This reduces both paint rebound and spray mist and achieves a very efficient material application.

LVMP paint spray guns

You can obtain even finer atomization for an excellent finish with even less paint mist with the FSP S1 LVMP spray gung (Low Volume Medium Pressure). This paint spray gun works with a lower air volume than the HLPV model and a medium air pressure and is therefore even more economical in paint consumption. It is particularly suitable for applying thin paints, e.g. for wood staining, creating a very fine spray pattern.

Painting work requires a compressor with a refrigeration dryer

Both paint spray guns have a flow cup above the gun. Therefore, the paint material to be applied is transported to the gun simply by gravity. When choosing the compressor, it is important to make sure that it is designed for the air requirements of the paint spray guns: The HVLP model requires a filling capacity of at least 450l/min, while the LVPM model requires a slightly lower filling capacity of 300l/min. Furthermore, the compressor needs to be equipped with a refrigerant dryer. This removes moisture from the compressed air and consequently prevents the formation of bubbles when applying the paint. In addition, a constant operating pressure ensures that the spraying result is as even as possible.

Face the wet and grey November weather and bring some colour into your everyday life! Whether furniture or vehicles, with a new touch of colour the world around you immediately shines in a new splendour. The paint spray guns from Aircraft are well suited for this, as they ensure a radiant, even result through the smallest atomisation and work efficiently and economically at all times.