[Translate to Englisch:] Präzisions-Flächenschleifmaschine FSM 70200 von Metallkraft
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[Translate to Englisch:] Serien gleicher Teile präzise planschleifen mit der Flächenschleifmaschine FSM70200 von Metallkraft

Perfect grinding for highly wear-resistant castings

When shredders, scrap shears, impact and crushing tools are used, it is not only our ears that are challenged. The machines and tools used are also exposed to the highest loads and have to withstand even the hardest materials. Stahlwerke Bochum GmbH (SWB) is the first point of contact for many recyclers, quarries and processing companies worldwide when it comes to reliable, long-term usable parts and components. Using innovative technologies, the company produces highly wear-resistant cast parts that are extremely durable. With METALLKRAFT's new FSM 70200 surface grinding machine, even more precise grinding results can now be achieved, resulting in optimal fitting conditions.

SWB tools and components for recycling systems in use around the world

Whether steel or scrap metal, minerals, hard rock or construction waste, the tools and components cast by SWB for recycling plants process even the hardest materials - and do so with enormous robustness. Even highways and entire bridges are effortlessly processed with SWB's castings. It is therefore not surprising that the tools and components, which are cast with an accuracy of 0.5 mm, are very popular and in demand worldwide. With their service life up to 2.5 times longer than standard designs, SWB wear parts are now used in more than 50 countries around the globe, crushing everything in their path.

Best fit thanks to surface grinding of large components

To ensure that the castings have the necessary durability, extreme precision is required in production. Large parts in particular, which require a bearing surface of more than 80%, are therefore given a surface grind. Just like smaller components, large components also require precisely flat surfaces in order to achieve the best possible fit in the system and thus the longest possible service life. It was therefore necessary for SWB to expand its production with a suitable surface grinding machine that could also precisely grind large-surface components up to 2 m in length at any time. However, only a programmable, powerful and stable machine whose work results would also meet the high requirements of the recycling and processing industry came into question. After extensive research, SWB finally found what they were looking for at the METALLKRAFT brand, which with its FSM 70200 surface grinding machine offered the ideal addition to the machinery in Bochum. The steel casting experts were particularly impressed by the competent and detailed advice, because all questions about increasing the performance of the drive, the extraction and cleaning of the aerosols as well as the necessary dimensions for an environmentally friendly installation could be clarified quickly and professionally.

Maximum precision with surface grinder FSM 70200 from Metallkraft

With its stress-relief annealed and hardened cast iron construction, the FSM 70200 surface grinder promises maximum rigidity and stability with a 700 x 2000 mm working range while minimizing vibration. The high-quality spindle with precision tapered roller bearings is encapsulated and therefore maintenance-free. Due to the availability of numerous sizes, the machines of the FSM series cover almost all requirements - the grinding machines are available with working widths from 150 x 450 mm to 1000 x 4000 mm. A wide range of options ensures that the extensive standard scope of supply can be individually adapted to the specific requirements of the user. For example, the electromagnetic clamping plate with automatic demagnetization function is equipped with a standard pole pitch of 15 mm. However, for users who want to machine very small workpieces, a fine pole plate with 4 mm is also available as an option. The technical specifications, such as the maximum workpiece height or the power of the grinding spindle, can also be increased on request. The coolant system is designed with 3-fold settling tanks. For Stahlwerke Bochum, however, only the highest-quality coolant system was considered. This also includes a paper belt filter, a magnetic separator and an exhaust system.

Perfect grinding for long-term

The intuitive NC control of the surface grinding machine FSM 70200 allows SWB a high degree of flexibility. The grinding cycles are freely programmed so that the operator can define the number and infeed for the roughing and finishing passes as well as the intervals and number of dead cycles. Whether it's small parts or large components weighing up to 800 kg, the new machine allows the company to give any castings, regardless of size, the perfect finish. It goes without saying that intensive instruction is essential for a surface grinding machine of this size. For this reason, the experts from Metallkraft were on hand to answer questions during commissioning, make final adjustments and train the personnel in detail on the machine so that every move was made with confidence. Currently, four employees work on the surface grinding machine in one to two shifts per day, ensuring optimum grinding of the castings. The highly wear-resistant cast tools and components from Bochum can safely and reliably grip even the toughest shredding and recycling tasks over a long period of time and thus make a valuable contribution to the resource-saving recycling of secondary raw materials.


Photo credit: Stahlwerke Bochum GmbH