[Translate to Englisch:] Roboterschweißzelle Easy Arc wird an HG Schweißtechnik übergeben

Experience the EASY ARC robotic welding cell live in Heinsberg

Carrying out welding work with the help of a robot welding cell is no longer just interesting for high-volume production. Even smaller companies benefit from automated welding processes at a time when the labor market for qualified welders is becoming increasingly difficult. The North Rhine-Westphalia-based specialist trade HG Schweißtechnik has now taken advantage of the increasing demand for welding robots to invest in the EASY ARC robotic welding cell from SCHWEIßKRAFT, which can now be viewed and tested in the dealer's premises in Heinsberg.

Subcontracting machine for small series with demonstration effect

In addition to conventional welding machines and electrode inverters from SCHWEIßKRAFT, which the specialist dealer also offers, the innovative welding robot immediately catches the eye and stands out with its sophisticated technology. In the future, however, the robotic welding cell will not only serve demonstration purposes, but will also be used as a subcontract manufacturing machine for small series in HG Schweißtechnik's in-house application centre. This should enable customers to experience the realization of their projects at first hand and to gain practical experience in handling the welding robot themselves.

Training brings the technology of robot welding closer

Intensive training in the technology of automated welding is always necessary in order to ensure effective use of the robot welding cell. For this reason, the experts from SCHWEIßKRAFT not only assisted the retailer during the commissioning of the welding robot, but also carried out extensive training measures on the diverse possibilities and functions of the EASY ARC robot. This way, the HG Schweisstechnik staff is able to get started with the technology of high-precision robot welding after only a short introduction and even without previous experience.

Many applications and mobile use

With the welding robot EASY ARC, HG Schweißtechnik will carry out both MIG / MAG and TIG welding processes in its application centre. The aim is to achieve high economic efficiency with consistently high quality. Thanks to the easy handling and convenient programming of the welding robot, this goal is now within reach. The robot is very handy to use. As it is mounted on a welding table with castors, it can be easily repositioned at any time and thus offers a high degree of flexibility for demonstration purposes as well as for production.

In order to quickly adapt the robot to the individual welding tasks, the enclosure elements can be swung open in just a few steps to change the clamping elements, thus ensuring free access to the components. The robot's working area is secured with electronic area monitoring for safe welding at all times. An additional lightweight enclosure provides the glare and access protection required for safety. This combination entitles the manufacturer OTC DAIHEN to CE certification of the entire system.

A good price-performance ratio as well as reliable, competent service were particularly important to the specialist dealer HG Schweißtechnik when selecting a robotic welding cell for its in-house application center. With the EASY ARC welding robot, the Heinsberg-based dealer now wants to support smaller companies in particular, which are suffering from the acute shortage of skilled workers. The aim is to gradually introduce customers to the technology of automated welding so that they can implement their welding projects efficiently and sustainably in the future, regardless of the labor market.

Watch the video of our welding robot EASY ARC now!