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[Translate to Englisch:] Kaltwasser-Hochdruckreiniger HDR-K 60-13 von Cleancraft
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Spick and span: spring cleaning for your surfaces, equipment and vehicles

Although winter still has us firmly in its grip, spring is just a wink away. When the first rays of sunlight touch our skin, we are often unstoppable and give free rein to our joyful anticipation of the warmer season. Whether motorcycle, bike, terrace or pool: all equipment, vehicles and buildings are now being diligently brought into shape and thoroughly cleaned for the coming spring. However, to ensure that the annual spring cleaning delivers brilliant results, the equipment used should be carefully selected.

Cold water high pressure cleaners for outdoor surfaces

For outdoor areas, pools and buildings, cold water high-pressure cleaners have proven to be ideal cleaning devices. They are suitable for continuous use, require little maintenance and remove even stubborn dirt such as dust, mud or moss formation without much effort.

The HDR-K 60-13 cold water high-pressure cleaner from CLEANCRAFT has a particularly robust design. With its 4-pole motor and connecting rod piston pump, it has a four times longer service life compared to wobble pistons. Spraying pressure as well as detergent inflow can be precisely regulated and metered with this model. Therefore, this high-pressure cleaner is also ideally suited for cleaning greenhouses and photovoltaic systems, which can only develop their full effect if they are free of dirt. With the built-in, high-quality ceramic piston, the brass head including brass screw fittings and the multi-layered, reinforced high-pressure hose, the HDR-K 60-13 cold water high-pressure cleaner will reliably accompany you during your spring cleaning for many years.

Disinfection with the steam cleaner

After the long winter, you not only want to clean exterior surfaces, but also rid interior rooms and surfaces of dirt and pathogens? Steam cleaners are the means of choice for this, as their high temperatures enable hygienic cleaning - without the use of chemicals. The SG 36 steam cleaner from CLEANCRAFT is ideally suited for professional use and is used in particular for disinfection purposes in hotels, restaurants, public transport and buildings, as well as in work and education rooms. With a temperature of 165° C, it leaves no chance for viruses and bacteria on glass panes, tables, cabinets, niches and door handles. Numerous included nozzle attachments ensure that the cleaning device can be adapted to the respective surfaces and can reach even the most remote corners.

Dry cleaning gun for removing dirt residues

However, if dirt remains in hard-to-reach places that cannot be reached with the steam cleaner, a dry cleaning gun such as the TRP model from AIRCRAFT is the ideal solution. This will put an abrupt end to the last remaining traces of dirt. Especially in cars, you often can´t get into every niche. The TRP dry cleaning gun with its rotating nozzle blows away every grain of dust in the seat rails, door storage compartments and on the dashboard.

Dust-free cleaning with the water filter vacuum cleaner

Especially for people suffering from allergies, so-called water filter vacuum cleaners are suitable. These vacuum cleaners can work completely without a dust bag and use a water filter system to bind the dirt particles to the water. The great advantage here is that the dust sucked in is immediately rendered harmless and is not stirred up again, as often happens when a vacuum cleaner bag is removed. As a result, there are no unpleasant allergic reactions. The flexCAT 130 ER water filter vacuum cleaner from CLEANCRAFT ensures a clean and hygienic room climate at all times. Whether mites, animal hair or house dust, thanks to its innovative cleaning system with three filter levels and its compact design, this hygienic vacuum cleaner is used especially in the private environment on hard surfaces and carpeted floors. Anyone who does not want to do without healthy room air in the workshop is well advised to use the flexCAT 130 ERA model. This water filter vacuum cleaner, which was specially designed for craftsmen, has a compressed air tool connection and reliably protects you from annoying dust even during grinding work.

Spring is just around the corner and our fingers are starting to tingle, because equipment, vehicles, buildings and floors need to shine in the sunlight on time. With the right cleaning equipment, you not only ensure a spotless, hygienic result, but also work in an ergonomic and back-friendly manner. So spring can come now and your equipment and devices will shine bright and try to outstand those of your neighbors.