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Welding tables for extra precision and safety

An ergonomic work environment with work surfaces and tables for a healthy posture is advisable for any type of manual work today. When welding, however, there is an additional important component: Since electrical voltage is involved here, welding tables not only fulfill an ergonomic function, but also offer a high level of safety.

High temperatures and electrical voltage require a suitable work surface

It is not uncommon for serious injuries to occur during welding because unsuitable work surfaces are used. In particular, flammable materials such as wooden boards, panels or OSB boards should never be considered for welding work, as they could quickly ignite due to the high temperatures. But even ceramic or mineral surfaces cannot withstand the heat, with the result that fist-sized pieces break out of the plate and, in the worst case, fly through the room like projectiles. Work surfaces made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon or cast iron are better suited for welding. In order for these work surfaces to provide you with a safe base for welding work, however, they must also be properly grounded. This is the only way to prevent electrical accidents to the greatest possible extent.

Heavy and stable with table perforations for flexible working

Professional welding tables offer you the maximum possible safety during welding. These not only ensure the lowest possible electrical conductivity of the table surface, but are usually also very heavy and stable and can therefore withstand extreme loads. The stable surface enables you to work precisely at all times, so that you can achieve high-quality welding results. This is a major advantage, especially when welding small parts and components in series. The table perforation of the worktop offers the possibility of attaching a wide variety of clamping elements, stops or fixing and assembly aids, thus ensuring great flexibility as well as a comfortable posture during welding.  

Welding table Professional Extreme 8.7 PLUS from Schweißkraft

With the Professional Extreme 8.7 PLUS series, Schweißkraft offers work tables that have a particularly robust table top. Due to the extra high side cheek and the ribbing, the table top has improvedrigidity, which in turn reduces the risk of deformation under loads. The holes on the surface consist of a 50 x 50 mm grid, the holes in the sidewall of 3 rows each with 25 mm spacing and 2 rows with 50 mm spacing. Depending on the welding tasks to be performed, you can choose between different sizes for the welding tables of the Professional Extreme 8.7 series, starting with a table length of 1.20 meters up to 4 meters. It should always be ensured that there is sufficient space around the welding table to be able to work optimally and to have freedom of movement. This is because welding equipment, material and accessory trolleys also require storage space.

Professional welding tables make work easier, save time, improve quality and ensure a high level of safety. Nevertheless, even a professional welding surface should always be carefully cleaned of dirt and metal residues before starting work. In addition to the risk of electrical accidents, there is always the risk of serious burns when welding, which can be caused by material lying around and the resulting hot spatter. With a suitable and clean welding surface, however, you can reduce the risk of injury to a minimum while working posture-friendly and precisely at all times for the best possible welding results.