Stuermer Maschinen GmbH equips occupational and competence centres in Morocco

Stuermer Maschinen GmbH is equipping vocational and competence centres in Morocco with machines for training young skilled workers in modern metalworking. In a first batch, 29 turning, grinding and milling machines were delivered for three centres in Casablanca and Tangier. They will become part of the Moroccan showcase project "Cités des Métiers et des Compétences", under which state-of-the-art occupational training centres are being built in all regions of Morocco. The machines supplied all come from OPTIMUM Maschinen Germany GmbH, which is part of the Stuermer Group of Companies.

The North African Kingdom of Morocco is building twelve state-of-the-art vocational training centres, so-called "Cités des Métiers et des Compétences" (Cities of Professions and Competences), to provide young Moroccans with the fundamentals for a successful entry into their professional future. The main goal of the government is to modernise vocational training and make it internationally competitive, to promote the employability of young people and thus also to strengthen the competitiveness of local companies by creating the training locations. For this purpose, the government's investment amounts to more than 340 million euros. The opening of the training centres will take place in three stages until the school year 2023/2024.

In a first tranche, Stuermer Maschinen GmbH has delivered 29 turning, grinding and milling machines to Morocco in cooperation with its local sales partner, set them up on site, put them into operation and trained local personnel in their operation. The machines of the OPTIturn S, OPTIturn TH, OPTImill MT and OPTIgrind GT series are particularly well suited for practical training projects, as they are professional production machines for commercial and industrial use, but due to their design and user-friendliness they are also particularly well suited for training purposes. Stuermer's many years of experience in the worldwide use of professional manufacturing machines in educational institutions, as well as the associated know-how in the selection, installation and training on these manufacturing machines, enabled Stuermer to win various tender batches for this important infrastructure project in the North African country.

In 1982 Stuermer Maschinen was founded as a wholesale company for machinery with agencies and is one of today's leading suppliers of German machinery retailers. The label Stuermer stands for courage and optimism. This has allowed the company to grow into a successful and efficient supplier, which successfully delivers machines from the fields of metal and woodworking, compressed air and welding technology as well as cleaning and workshop technology to more than 2,000 customers in Germany as well as in more than 20 European and more than 40 non-European countries.