Stürmer Maschinen supports training initiative for migrants

The p3-Werkstatt was founded in Freiburg in 2016 to prepare people with a migrant background for an apprenticeship in the trade. Now, the non-profit company can look forward to two new machines, which Hallstadt-based machine wholesaler Stürmer presented to the training company at cost price.

With a folding machine and a precision guillotine shear from its METALLKRAFT brand, Stürmer provided two professional craft machines that are often used in plumbing, roofing, by facade builders and in the metalworking industry. In the future, these will serve the program participants in particular for the production of bike kitchens, which will later be installed in public spaces, e.g. in educational institutions or on playgrounds.

In addition to his focus on wood products, Managing Director David Rösch has already tackled other projects: He will soon be expanding the p3-Werkstatt to include two new divisions, metal and electrical, and here he already has numerous ideas for what he will use the Stürmer machines for: “We are planning to get involved in the field of e-mobility and will soon also be producing charging stations for bicycles. For this, we need professional metalworking machines that convince in terms of quality and safety and can also be easily operated by beginners." The two Metallkraft machines meet these requirements in every respect, because with their simple design combined with solid construction, they are specially designed for craft businesses."

Quality and professionalism, however, are not the only demands that David Rösch places on his non-profit workshop. In addition to offering professionally qualified training, the p3-Werkstatt is also intended to be a place of hope and encounter, where refugees can exchange ideas and develop career prospects together. For this reason, the participants also receive instruction in German and mathematics during the 12-month courses, in order to close any gaps and to be able to optimally prepare for later training in a craft business. The first course graduates will complete their apprenticeships this summer and have thus already laid an important foundation stone for their professional future in Germany.

With the new guillotine shear and folding machine from Metallkraft, future participants will now have additional professional sheet metal working machines at their disposal, which they can try out in the p3-Werkstatt and thus start their professional career in the metalworking industry. In the future, Stürmer would like to continue along this path and support similar charitable projects with its wide range of machines.