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STÜRMER is premium partner of the HC03 Handball Club

Pursuing big goals with courage and optimism while always keeping an eye on a strong team as well as on environmentally and socially conscious actions: this has been the secret of the Stürmer Group's success for decades. We are therefore very pleased to now be able to further expand our social commitment and share our successes with the public as the new and first premium partner of the Bamberg Handball Club HC03.

VISION 2030 - Think big and accomplish big things

Our commitment is not only aimed at promoting sporting goals, but rather at the holistic implementation of the VISION 2030 formulated by the HC03 Handball Club. A vision with which the club pursues new, ambitious goals in line with the Stürmer philosophy of thinking big and accomplishing big things, in order to be able to make a sustainable contribution to society.

Youth work and performance support

We were particularly inspired by HC03's clear commitment to youth work and the goal of creating a "home" for young people where both assertiveness and teamwork are practised in a professional environment. These characteristics are also essential in everyday working life, both for personal advancement and for the implementation of corporate goals. As a company, we therefore place particular importance on continuously promoting our employees through training and further education and thus offering them a long-term perspective. Alongside HC03, we would like to bring this central corporate task even more into the spotlight of public interest in the future .

Promoting fitness

In addition to promoting performance, further development and advancement of the league teams, the idea of leisure time sporting activity should not be neglected. Therefore, we also support the further expansion of the hobby handball teams with the aim of inspiring the population - young and old - for sporting activities and a healthy lifestyle without any pressure to perform. Here, too, the Stürmer Group has been active for many years by offering our employees the opportunity to participate in running events and sporting activities together with the in-house fitness group "Stürmer Sportmaschinen" and thus promote individual fitness.

Local engagement

Despite our international orientation, we have always remained aware that growth and success largely depend on a strong base at home. For the Stürmer Group it is therefore our sincere wish to now get involved locally in the region - and do so not only in terms of sports. Through our partnership with the HC03, we will also participate in local environmental protection measures, such as a tree-planting campaign for a new park which is going to grow by another tree or bush after every fourth handball goal scored by the competitive teams.

One team - one goal: The Bamberg Handball Club HC03 and the Stürmer Group are not only united by common values, but also by a passion for great ideas as well as the courage and optimism to perceive challenges as opportunities and to take new directions. Together we can achieve a lot and with a strong team make a sustainable contribution to social life.