Wasserstrahl spritzt auf Orangenscheibe
Wassersystemtrenner HDR-H von Cleancraft

Backflow preventers protect drinking water

Anyone who in this country turns on the tap enjoys clean drinking water that can be used for cooking, drinking or washing without hesitation. Local water suppliers continuously monitor the quality of our cool water and are responsible for supplying us with clean, germ-free drinking water - at least right up to our front door. That's where the responsibility of the local authorities ends, and it's up to every property owner to maintain the quality of the drinking water and prevent contamination within their own four walls.

Faucets offer free rein to pollutants

Defects in the piping, stagnant water or the penetration of undesired particles into the domestic water system are the most common causes of "home-made" drinking water problems. In particular, the risk of chemical substances penetrating from the outside is often underestimated - mostly due to a lack of knowledge that water tapping points can also be the gateway for pollutants. Anyone who connects devices to the water tap that work with chemical substances must therefore always be aware that these substances can get into the drinking water cycle through the backflow, back pressure or back suction of water. This is particularly important in car washes, laundries, dental practices and in the food industry. But even the use of a high-pressure cleaner, as is frequently used in private environments, can be enough to contaminate drinking water.

Backflow preventers for high pressure cleaners

Backflow in the drinking water can be prevented with a few simple steps. A system separator ensures that the water only flows in one direction and prevents drinking water and non-drinking water from coming into contact with one another. However, when selecting a suitable backflow preventer, the application as well as the hazard potential of the liquids used should always be considered. The cleaning agents used in high-pressure cleaners are assigned to liquid category 4, which means that they contain at least one hazardous substance. In this case, a BA-type backflow preventer is required, such as those used in swimming pools, industrial dishwashers and washing machines as well as in chemical and photographic laboratories. Such a backflow preventer is the HDR-H model from CLEANCRAFT, which allows an inflow rate of 2,100 l/h with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar. The backflow preventer is compatible with all common hot water high-pressure cleaners, e.g. the CLEANCRAFT models HDR-H 54-15 400V or HDR-H 78-18.

Protect your health and take simple precautionary measures to maintain the quality of your drinking water in just a few simple steps! So nothing stands in the way of your cleaning projects and you can safely turn on the tap after your work is done to end the day comfortably with a refreshing glass of tap water.