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Wobbly rivet nuts? Flow drilling solves the problem

The insertion of load-bearing threads in thin-walled materials causes problems? Rivet and weld nuts wobble despite the most careful assembly or even loosen under load? Then flow drilling is the ideal solution, because with this method the threaded bushes are made from the existing material.

Produce threaded bushes without cutting

The Thermdrill flow drill can be used on upright drills with high torque and high speeds, such as those offered by OPTIMUM machines (e.g. OPTIdrill DH 18V). Due to the special geometry of the flow drill, there is so much frictional heat when just pressing on the component that metallic materials such as aluminium, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel are made to flow. The thermo drill drills through the material without chips and in a matter of seconds. In doing so, it forms a passage (bush) from the displaced material that is up to three times longer than the original material thickness and thus offers sufficient space for load-bearing threads. In a second step, the finished threaded bushing is created with the thread former. Even in thin or round beams, stable threads can be inserted in a very short time using this technique.

Stable, highly resilient, fast and cost-effective

The resulting threaded bushings are twist-proof, highly resilient and can even be subjected to tension, pressure and vibration. For example, the threads are ideal for fastening glass holders to the thin-walled tubular posts of a railing construction. This is because here the threaded bushings often have to withstand large dynamic loads, e.g. due to thermal expansion or wind pressure. In addition to higher quality, the flow drilling process also has other advantages: You also save time and material costs and can consequently increase your productivity and profitability.

In the future, you can do without the time-consuming and cost-intensive installation of rivet nuts! With the Thermdrill technology, you manufacture threaded bushings from the existing material and thus ensure a secure hold and high load capacity in the long term. Wobbly and detached rivet nuts as well as expensive reworking by drilling are now a thing of the past.