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Winter magic in the yard

The cold season caught up with us faster than we might like. And with it come frosty temperatures that force us into our thick winter jackets. What can voluntarily lure us into the cold? The delicious smell of mulled wine and the crackling of the fireplaces, of course! Wrapped up warmly around the blazing fire with a cup of mulled wine in hand, it can be endured. In our DIY instructions for a warming fire bowl you will learn how you can easily bring this winter magic into your own garden:

Which materials are needed?

You don't always have to buy everything new, especially for a fire bowl recycling materials are great. It is important that the metal is fireproof, stainless steel is the most suitable. Depending on the desired shape and size, every bowl-like vessel is suitable:

  • bottom of a water tank
  • discarded wok
  • old washing machine drum
  • bottom of a boiler
  • end piece of a barrel
  • Old propane gas bottle

Fire bowl with or without feet?

Three stainless steel tubes are required for the feet, which are welded to the vessel. Alternatively, a fireproof base can be created on which the vessel can be placed to prevent it from tipping over. To do this, simply remove the turf, dig a hole about 10 cm deep, fill it with gravel and arrange fireproof stones on it so that the bowl can rest firmly on it.

In the first step, the three stainless steel tubes for the feet are cut to the same length in relation to the size of the fire bowl. A length of approx. 50 cm is suitable for an optimal height. After cutting, the sharp edges must be deburred. A file is best suited for this purpose. The tubes are then welded to the bottom of the fire bowl at the same distance from each other and at the same distance from the edge of the bowl. With the right welding device you will save time and get the perfect welding result. With the portable TIG DC Inverter CRAFT-TIG 201 DC P PULSE  from Schweißkraft nothing can go wrong! Please also make sure you have the right equipment. Long clothing, sturdy shoes and a welding helmet such as our VarioProtect XXL-W-2 TC automatic welding helmet from Schweißkraft will protect you from fire sparks and burns.

When welding, be sure to work cleanly, otherwise the fire bowl may become misaligned.

For an extra WOW factor, the fire bowl can then be sprayed or brushed on with an oven or thermal varnish. For an optimal result, the bowl must be roughened in advance and the varnish applied several times. This not only has great visual impact, but also extends the life of the metal.

The fire bowl is finished and ready for use at the next mulled wine party in the garden at home. It is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also brings real campfire feeling for the whole family in winter with its pleasant warmth. Of course, stick bread, marshmallows and children's punch for the little ones can't be missing.