[Translate to Englisch:] Mobile Stromversorgung in der Landwirtschaft
[Translate to Englisch:] Zapfwellengenerator

Mobile power supply in agriculture and forestry: with the PTO generator

Has the ventilation and heating in the barn failed? Is the milking system not working? Or is the water supply interrupted because the pump in the farm's own well cannot be used? As trivial as a short-term power interruption may sound, it can lead to serious problems and damageforlivestock farming within a few hours. But even on farms without animals, a prolonged power cut must be avoided at all costs. Think, for example, of the agitators in a biogas plant or the heating in greenhouses. A PTO generator is a convenient solution to ensure a fast and reliable power supply in an emergency.

Inexpensive, low-maintenance and ready for use at any time

PTO generators are a cheap alternative to diesel or petrol units for agricultural and forestry operations. In addition to their lower purchase costs, maintenance costs are also extremely low, as they do not have their own engine and thus only require regular oil changes. They are powered by a tractor or Unimog, to which they are connected in a few simple steps by means of a three-point hydraulic system. Unlike conventional generators, PTO generators do not have to be started regularly. It is sufficient to have them started once a year in the form of a test run in order to rebuild the basic magnetisation. Due to their easy handling, they are also used by the fire brigade and in the municipal sector, for example for irrigation.

Suitable for continuous use: PTO generator from Unicraft

The new PTO generators from Unicraft have been specially designed for use in agriculture. Equipped with the AVR electronic voltage regulation, they minimise voltage fluctuations and thus ensure constant and stable performance at all times. The integrated thermal circuit breaker provides protection against overload and short-circuit caused by defective consumers or cables. All three models, PTO 18 TA, PTO 27 TA and PTO 38 TA, have the same design and differ only in their output of 18 kW, 27 kW and 38 kW respectively. When choosing a suitable model, make sure that the tractor power is sufficient to operate the generator.