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Sustainable watering and cleaning - with clever cleaning technology from Cleancraft

In the past, irrigation and cleaning often required large amounts of water and electricity and, in the case of heavy soiling, additional chemicals to achieve the desired results. Today, with modern cleaning technology, the use of resources can be controlled much better and the use of chemical substances can sometimes be completely dispensed with. Cleancraft offers you modern irrigation and cleaning systems for this purpose, with which you can operate sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Submersible pump for using rainwater

In an era in which water reserves are becoming increasingly scarce, a mindful approach to water is indispensable. For activities where the purity of the water does not play a significant role, such as watering plants and green spaces, rainwater is therefore a reasonable alternative. All you need is a water storage tank, such as a cistern, and a pump to transport the water to the desired location. The new submersible pressure pump SPWP 1107 from Cleancraft is ideal for such rainwater systems. Its multi-stage impeller technology generates a high water pressure, so that the pump can also cover applications with a higher pressure requirement. The adjustable float switch, which enables automatic operation, is particularly convenient. In order to pump water from greater depths, the DWP 1106A deep well pump is ideal. With a maximum delivery height of 55m and a flow rate of 100 l/min, it has been specially designed for this application.  

High pressure cleaner instead of garden hose

By using appropriate cleaning equipment, you can also save water. For example, a high-pressure cleaner requires much less water than if you carry out your cleaning activities with a garden hose. While a garden hose uses up to approx. 3,500 litres of water per hour, a high-pressure cleaner requires only approx. 400 litres of water. Different degrees of soiling require different water pressures. Therefore, Cleancraft offers with its model HDR-K-85-16 TF a cold water high-pressure cleaner with two integrated pumps. This allows a higher or lower working pressure and water flow to be selected depending on the degree of soiling, and thus further optimising water consumption.

With a hot water high-pressure cleaner, you can further reduce water consumption while maintaining the same cleaning performance. Devices with an integrated steam stage work particularly efficiently, as the microscopic steam molecules penetrate the smallest imperfections of a surface and thus effectively loosen the dirt - and this with low water consumption and without chemicals. The HDR-H 90-20 model from Cleancraft, for example, works with a maximum pressure of 180 bar and a water temperature of up to 140°C. Using a clearly arranged control unit, the working pressure and the water temperature can be conveniently regulated according to the respective cleaning task. The integrated triplex pump with ceramic piston and connecting rod system as well as an anti-scaling device ensure low-maintenance operation and a long service life of the device.

Weed control with hot water

Hot water, however, is not only suitable for cleaning purposes. It has also proven to be an effective method for destroying weeds. In order to target the unwanted plants and their roots, Cleancraft offers a weed lance as an additional option to the HDR-H 90-20 hot water high-pressure cleaner. Equipped with a robust chassis with large wheels, the weed lance is comfortable to manoeuvre and keeps signs of fatigue at bay even during longer work. Due to the good thermal conductivity of hot water, not only the visible part of the plant is killed, but also the root is weakened permanently. A 3-4 times application per year is already sufficient to ensure long-term protection completely without pesticides

Precise dosing of resources with the scrubber dryer

Scrubber driers are popular for cleaning larger areas indoors. They are not only efficient and convenient, but often also an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cleaning techniques. Modern scrubber dryers usually have a resource-saving operation in eco mode, which saves water, energy and cleaning agents. One such model is the Cleancraft SSM 355B hand-held scrubber-dryer. It has a pump that delivers the cleaning solution at a constant flow rate so that uniform cleanliness is always achieved even with low water consumption. The ASSM 7500 B ride-on scrubber-drier offers even more savings possibilities. With the "Solution Saver" function, the amount of water and detergent can be dosed separately, reducing consumption by up to 50%. Furthermore, the "Energy Saver" function is integrated, which means that the machine works with up to 35% less energy consumption.

Shortage of resources and climate change challenge us every day to question our water and energy consumption. With modern technology, we can curb our consumption in many ways without having to forego the comfort we are used to. Particularly in the area of irrigation and cleaning, there are now numerous ways to conserve our water supplies and reduce our energy consumption. Those who are ready to change their thinking a little and adapt their behaviour accordingly can make a major contribution to resource conservation with sustainable cleaning and watering equipment, while achieving equally clean results as with conventional methods.