Guarantee conditions of Stürmer Maschinen GmbH for marked bending machines under Metallkraft brand.


Dear customer,

All products under Metallkraft brand are subject to the strictest safety and quality controls. On selected bending machines we therefore give a guarantee on the function of our machines. These products can be recognised by a guarantee note in the article description and/or in the description of the scope of delivery. The following guarantee regulations define the scope, duration, guarantor and assertion of the guarantee. Your statutory guarantee rights against your seller for defects remain unaffected by this guarantee, can be claimed at no charge and are not restricted by this guarantee. This applies irrespective of whether a guarantee case exists and whether the guarantee is claimed. This guarantee is an additional service for the product you have purchased, which is not legally required and is granted by us on a voluntary basis.

1. Guarantor

Stürmer Maschinen GmbH
Dr.-Robert-Pfleger-Str. 26
D-96103 Hallstadt

2. Beginning duration and territorial scope of the guarantee:

The guarantee period of 2 years begins on the day of the first purchase of the new device by the end user. Please verify the date of purchase by presenting the original sales receipt. This must be made available when the guarantee claims are asserted and within the guarantee period. Otherwise guarantee claims are excluded.

The guarantee is valid throughout the world.

3. Procedure of assertion of the guarantee:

You can assert material and/or manufacturing defects occurring within the guarantee period at our service centre in text form. With the assertion, the presentation of the original sales receipt (see item 2.) within the guarantee period is required The assertion of guarantee claims and/or the presentation of the original sales receipt after the guarantee period has expired excludes guarantee claims completely.

You can reach our service center under the following contact details:

Stürmer Maschinen GmbH
- Service Center -
Dr.-Robert-Pfleger-Str. 26
D-96103 Hallstadt

Phone number: +49 (0) 951 96 555 – 0

4. Scope and content of the guarantee:

a) The guarantee is limited to material and/or manufacturing defects.

b) Material and/or manufacturing defects occurring within the guarantee period will be eliminated by us at our discretion either by repair or by replacement / exchange.

c) Within the scope of the guarantee work (repair or exchange, item 4.a.), we will provide only the spare parts necessary for this purpose free of charge. However, we do not take over the transport and installation costs, nor the work and additional services necessary to fulfil your guarantee claim, nor any other costs arising in connection with the claim under this guarantee.

d) Replaced parts become the property of Stürmer Maschinen GmbH.

e) The execution of guarantee services neither leads to an extension of the guarantee period nor does the guarantee period begin anew.

f) The guarantee is only granted once for each product. If we have provided guarantee services once for a device, the guarantee expires even if a further guarantee case should occur within the guarantee period.

g) For the duration of guarantee services, no substitutional devices will be provided or no costs will be assumed for them.

h) No further guarantee entitlements shall exist.

5. Condition for guarantee claims

a) This guarantee is limited to Metallkraft products purchased through one of our trading partners or directly from us, as we can identify by the serial number. Regardless of the existence of a guarantee case, you can ask our service centre whether the product you have purchased is covered by this guarantee.

b) Guarantee claims only arise if a defect or fault is not due to:

  • failure to observe the instructions in the operating instructions (construction, electrical connection, intended use, misuse, technical performance limits of the machine),
  • non-observance of the installation and storage conditions,
  • use of non-approved spare parts and accessories,
  • failure to comply with the maintenance instructions in the operating manual,
  • structural changes or improper repairs or other interventions in the product, unless they have been carried out by us,
  • manipulation of safety components,
  • improper operation,
  • use of non-approved and unsuitable tools,
  • damage due to external effects or foreign objects
  • wearing parts

6. Limitation of liability

Fault-based claims against us, regardless of the legal basis, are limited to intention and gross negligence, unless they are due to injury to life and limb. The amount of these claims is limited to the foreseeable damage.

7. Place of performance

Insofar as the guarantee claims are not asserted by a consumer, 96103 Hallstadt is agreed as the place of performance and jurisdiction for claims arising from this guarantee commitment.